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The Town of Willsboro has a great explanation for their town ... "At the Foot of the Adirondack Mountains on the Shores of Lake Champlain.  Unspoiled, historic Willsboro, settled in 1765 is the kind of small community you want to know.  The kind of community you fall in love with when you visit, and keep coming back to...  for a weekend or a lifetime!"  So true, so we wanted to help you find our way around the Willsboro Area with this directory.  Also visit their Town's web site.

Willsboro was first settled by Europeans, and originally known as "Milltown".  Later it was renamed Willsborough, then shortened to Willsboro after the Revolutionary War.  Willsboro's history includes paper mills, limestone quarry (used for Albany State Capital and the Brooklyn Bridge) and now wollastonite mining.  On of the earliest relics of the Adirondacks, the "Adsit Cabin" (est. built 1779 by Samuel Adsit) is still open to the pubic.   Today's Willsboro includes hamlets of Reber and Willsboro Point.


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1812 Homestead 1593 Reber Road Willsboro 963-7656
Adirondack Apothecary 3932 Route 22 Willsboro  
Adirondack Guide Service 4629 NYS Route 22 Willsboro  
Adirondack Hardware Store 3759 Main Street Willsboro 963-4431
  Adirondack Women in History PO Box 565 Willsboro 693-7524
  Adsit Log Cabin 852 Point Road Willsboro 963-4598
  Adventure Guide Service 12 Maple Street Willsboro 963-4286
  Alice Wand - Studio/Gallery 103 Spear Street Willsboro 963-4582
  Ann's Salon 3837 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-4527
  Arcadia Cottages 380 Bay Lane Willsboro 963-8941
  Atlas Atelier & Fine Art Gallery Creative Way Willsboro 963-7016
  Audrey's Hair Salon & Tanning 3922 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-4563
  Auto Services of Plattsburgh      
  Banking & Money Handlers      
  Bayview Inn Public & Grille 361 Farrell Road Willsboro 963-4177
  Ben Wever Farm 444 Mountain View Drive Willsboro 963-7447
  Boats R Fun 29 Klein Drive Willsboro 572-7245
  Boquet River Association      
  Boquet River Theatre Festival    Willsboro 572-4193
  Brandywine Meadows Self Storage 3526 Essex Road Willsboro 963-8456
  Byrd Country Store & Liquor Outlet 3953 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-7277
  C&S Property Management    Willsboro 963-8837
  CableComm of Willsboro 3669 Essex Road Willsboro 963-4116
  Camp Pok-O-MacCrady Rebar Road Willsboro 800-982-3538
  Carriage House Garden Center 4002 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-4330
  Cedar Bank Farm & Winery 1083 Sunset Drive Willsboro 572-7064
  Chamber of Commerce (event schedule)      
  Champlain National Bank  3000 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-4201
  Champlain Valley Film Society 3174 Essex Road Willsboro 963-8662
  Champlain Valley Senior Community 10 Gillilland Lane Willsboro 817-9108
  Champlain Vistas 3295 Essex Road Willsboro 963-8027
  Churches of the North Country      
  Commonwealth Home Fashions 39 Myers Way Willsboro 963-8145
  Congregational UCC Main Street Willsboro 963-4048
  Coon Mountain Circuit of Trails   Willsboro  
  Cornerstone Rustic Gallery 46 Maple Street Willsboro 963-7992
  Country Treasures 3762 Main Street Willsboro 963-4511
  Crowningshield's Lawn Furniture 1131 Middle Road Willsboro  
  D.E. Sitework Plus PO Box 355 Willsboro 645-0591
  David Bonfante DDS 3673 Essex Road Willsboro 963-7307
  Doug West Topsoil, Sand & Travel 96 Spear Road Willsboro 593-2148
  DRD Designs/Boquet Media 882 Middle Road Willsboro 963-4598
  Duvall, Jacques Stain Glass Farrell Road Willsboro 963-7070
1812 Homestead 1593 Rebar Road Willsboro 963-7656
  East Side Studio 828 Point Road Willsboro 963-8356
  Ethel's Dew Drop Inn 3901 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-8389
  Family Fun      
  Farmer's Markets      
  Fishing & Waterways      
  Flat & Vertical Concrete Woodlawn Drive Willsboro 963-8881
  Foley Park Mountain View Drive Willsboro  
  Four Brothers Island Adk. Nature Conservancy Preserve   Willsboro  
  Fun for the Family      
  GELGLAS 922 Mountain View Drive Willsboro 963-8798
  General Composites 39 Myers Way Willsboro 963-7333
  Gruendlinger, Gerhard PhD PO Box 552 Willsboro 524-1028
  Gusberti's Campground 4761 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-4522
Hair Design Route 22 Willsboro 963-7020
  Harvest Hill Farm 691 Sunset Drive Willsboro 963-1172
  Historic Boquet River Bike Trails   Willsboro  
Hospitals & Health Centers
  Huestis Funeral Home 25 Maple Street Willsboro 963-4278
  HUI, L.L.C. Aerial Photography  24 South Main Street Willsboro  
  In The Field Consulting (Historic Preservations) Blockhouse Road Willsboro 963-8589
  Indian Bay Marina 237 Corlear Drive Willsboro 963-7858
Jack's Floor Service 4144 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-7269
  Jeff's Iron Works 1122 Middle Road Willsboro 963-7784
  Jones' Aqua Sports Inc. 38 Bay Lane Willsboro 963-1150
  Joslyn, Jason 123 Sunset Drive Willsboro 963-9853
  King's Service Station Station Road Willsboro 963-8321
  Kinney Drugs 62 Station Road Willsboro 963-8946
Long Pond Cabins 4525 Nys Route 22 Willsboro 963-4126
  Lower Boquet River Fishing   Willsboro  
  M & B & C Piercings' & Tattoo   Willsboro  
  Maple Sugaring      
  Marinas & Waterways      
Marshall's Garage 64 Mountain View Drive Willsboro 963-7145
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Mountain Lake Service 529 Point Road Willsboro 963-7418
  Mountain Tree Service 8 Dock & Coal Lane Willsboro 572-4148
  Mountain View Painting & Crafts Mountain View Drive Willsboro 963-4514
  New York State Police (non emergency)   Willsboro 963-7400
  Noblewood Nature Preserve 158 Lakeshore Drive Willsboro 963-8668
  Noblewood Park Public Beach Noblewood Lane Willsboro 963-8668
  NYCO Minerals 803 Mountain View Drive 936-2148
  NYS Boat Launch Point Road Willsboro  
  Old Adirondack Wood Furniture Route 22 Willsboro 963-7184
  Old Dock Charters PO Box 33 Willsboro 572-4691
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Paine Memorial Free Library 2 Gilliland Lane Willsboro 963-4478
  Perfect Day Charters 109 Hilton Terrace Willsboro 963-4314
  Pok-O-MacCready Camps & Outdoor Ed. Ctr. 1391 Reber Road Willsboro 963-7139
  Rabbit Hutch Antiques 5 Middle Road Willsboro 963-7694
  Rattlesnake Mountain NYS Route 22 Willsboro  
  Reber United Methodist Church 214 Reber Road Willsboro 963-7931
  Real Estate      
  Reynolds & Son Chevrolet Sales 3921 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-4248
  Reynolds, Patricia (Watercolors/oils) 828 Point Road Willsboro 963-8356
  Rock Climbing      
  Rick's Place 3673 Essex Road Willsboro 963-4371
Riva USA (bedding) 31 Station Street Willsboro 963-4074
  Rudy's Stuff (Antiques) Main Street Willsboro  
  Schwartzberg, Dr 1244 Middle Road Willsboro 963-4007
Smart Works 5 Middle Road Willsboro 963-7499
  Smith House Health Care Center 39 Farrell Road Willsboro 963-4275
  Snow & Snowmobiling      
  Societies & Organizations      
  Sounds of the Northway 135 Sabousin Road Willsboro 963-7097
  Spas & Health      
  St. Phillip of Jesus at Willsboro Church 3748 Main Street Willsboro 963-4524
  Sue's Salon 3665 Essex Road  Willsboro  
The Sportsman's Dinnette 3745 Main Street Willsboro 963-8399
  The Sled Shed 5 Farrell Road Willsboro 963-8668
The Farmer's Daughter - Ben Wever Farm 445 Mountain View Drive Willsboro  
The Lake House Travel Agency 172 Lakeshore Drive Willsboro  
  The Village Meat Market 3609 Essex Road Willsboro 963-8612
  Trolling Tina Charters 4 Bay Lane Willsboro 963-8266
  Turtle Island Cafe 3790 Main Street Willsboro 963-7417
  U S Post Office 3665 Essex Road Willsboro 963-4455
  Upper Deck (seasonal) Klein Drive Willsboro 963-8271
  Valley View Firewood 984 Sunset Drive Willsboro 963-7295

Village Meat Market

Lakeshore Road Willsboro 963-8612
  White's Logging & Lumber 3502 Essex Road Willsboro 963-1187
  Willsboro, Town of: 5 Farrell Road Willsboro 963-4071
  • Supervisor, 963-8668
  • Justice, 963-8933
  • Town Clerk, 963-8933
  • Planning, 963-7411
  • Pump Station, 963-7101
  • Highway, 963-4556
  • Treatment Plant, 963-8223
  • Code Enforcement, 963-7411
  Willsboro - Paine Memorial Free Library 1 School Street Willsboro 963-4478
  Willsboro Area Chamber of Commerce PO Box 87 Willsboro 963-4598
  Willsboro Bay Marina Inc./Upper Deck Restaurant 25 Klien Way Willsboro 963-8271
  Willsboro Central School 29 School Lane Willsboro 963-4465
  Willsboro Congregational Church 3799 Main Street Willsboro 963-4048
Willsboro Fire Department Point Road Willsboro 963-4110
Willsboro Fish & Game Club Fish & Game Road Willsboro 963-7901
  Willsboro Fishway Gilliland Lane Willsboro  
  Willsboro Golf Club 140 Point Road Willsboro


  Willsboro Heritage Society 6 Gilliland Road Willsboro 963-4897
Willsboro Outdoor World Route 22 & Bay Lane Willsboro 637-2641
  Willsboro to Reber Loop Trail    Willsboro  
Willsboro Rescue Squad Point Road Willsboro 963-4100
Willsboro Senior Housing 1 Lakewood Drive Willsboro 963-4336
  Willsboro United Methodist Church Main Street Willsboro 963-7931
  Willsborough  Lanes 3922 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-8983
  Zebra Tech LLC 3922 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-8555
  Zeke's Pub 3922 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 963-7427




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