Site Map of Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc

Note:  If you like one of our W/D, or SOLD properties, we can assist you with finding a duplicate.  Let us be your Buyer's Agent.





    AC0100 - SOLD, 8 acres near state land, Horicon, NY

    AC0103 - SOLD, 5 acres with stream, Paradox NY

    AC0104 - SOLD, 80 acres with fields and woods, Willsboro, NY

    AC0105 - SOLD, village lot, Westport, NY

    AC0106 - SOLD, wetland lake frontage, Horicon/Adirondack, NY

    AC0107 - SOLD, Bryne Road, Chestertown, NY

    AC0108 - W/D, building lot with association rights to Crystal Lake, Horicon, NY

    AC0109 - SOLD, building lots in old subdivision on the Hudson River, Riparius, NY

    AC0122 - SOLD - Lakefront lot on Schroon River for camping, Horicon, NY

    AC0123 - W/D,  4 acres in the country, Brant Lake, NY

    AC0126 - SOLD, nice building site next to Loveland Flow Pond, Minerva, NY

    AC0127 - SOLD, 2.6 acres near Gore Mountain, North Creek

    AC0128 - W/D, land on Loon Lake, marshy, Chestertown

    AC0129 - SOLD, three 2.5 acre parcels with scenic lake views, Horicon, NY

    AC0131 - SOLD, 2+ acre building lot just south of the village, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0132 - SOLD, village lot, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0134 - SOLD, building lot 5 minutes to Gore, North Creek, NY

    AC0137 - SOLD, three building lots near Lake George, Horicon/Bolton, NY

    AC0139 - SOLD, three building lots near Lake George, Horicon/Bolton, NY

    AC0140 - SOLD, large acreage on Viele Stream, Warrensburg, NY

    AC0141 - SOLD, 280 acres in Gore Mountain Region, Wevertown, NY

    AC0143 - W/D, Palmer Pond Lot w/grandfather footprint, North Hudson, NY

    AC0144 - SOLD, 2.6 acre building lot near Gore Mountain, Chestertown, NY

    AC0145 - SOLD, building lot near the shores of Lake George, Hague, NY

    AC0147 - SOLD, 2.3 acres on Faxon Pond, Chestertown, NY

    AC0148 - SOLD, lakeright's land, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0151 - SOLD, lake-right's lot on Willsboro Bay, Willsboro, NY

    AC0154 - SOLD, 7+ acres down a country road, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0156 - SOLD, 1.5 acres on Loon Lake, Chestertown, NY

    AC0157 - SOLD, 2.3 acres with rights to Crystal Lake, Horicon, NY

    AC0158 - SOLD, lakefront lot on Lake Adirondack, Indian Lake, NY

    AC0161 - SOLD, 2.3 acres with right's to Schroon Lake, Horicon, NY

    AC0162 - SOLD, 5 acres off Hoffman Road, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0163 - SOLD, 50 acres bordering state land, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0164 - SOLD, 27 acres, Moriah, NY

    AC0165 - SOLD, 7 acres on Stoney Creek, Stoney Creek, NY

    AC0166 - SOLD, 2.2 acres on Charley  Hill, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0167 - SOLD, 3.2 acres on a country dirt road, Bolton/Horicon, NY

    AC0169 - SOLD, 2.3 acres, Chestertown, NY

    AC0170 - SOLD, 729 acres with Hidden Pond nestled in the old campground, Pottersville, NY

    AC0171 - SOLD, 66 acres with lots of road frontage, Pottersville, NY

    AC0172 - SOLD, building lot close to Minerva Lake, Minerva, NY

    AC0175 - W/D - 24+ commercially zoned for development, Plattsburgh, NY

    AC0176 - SOLD, 5+ acres on a very scenic road, Currier & Ives Setting, Wevertown, NY

    AC0178 - SOLD, building lot, Lewis, NY

    AC0179 - SOLD, 213 acres on Trout Brook, great for subdivision, Minerva, NY

    AC0180 - W/D village lot, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0182 - W/D, landlocked 5 acre parcel, Jackson, NY

    AC0183 - W/D, landlocked 5 acre parcel, Salem, NY

    AC0189 - SOLD, 115 acres off the grid, Willsboro, NY

    AC0190 - SOLD, 80 acres off Route 9, Lewis, NY

    AC0203 - SOLD, 95 acres of level land near Lake Placid, Blackbrook, NY

    AC0204 - W/D, 3 acre parcel near Second Lake, Lake Luzerne, NY

    AC0205 - SOLD, back wood 3 acre lot on the stream, great for hunters, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0210 - SOLD, 2+ acres commercial zoned, Lake Luzerne, NY

    AC0212 - SOLD, 95 acres bordering state land on 3 sides and on Boreau River, Minerva, NY

    AC0214 - SOLD - Land in Clinton, NY

    AC0215 - SOLD, Gore Mountain Lot, North Creek, NY

    AC0218 - SOLD, 268 acres for ATV roaming, Thurman, NY

    AC0220 - SOLD, 1.8 acre house lot, North Hudson, NY

    AC0223 - W/D, 4 acres commercial zoned, Port Henry, NY

    AC0230 - W/D, 93 acres with lake-rights on Lake George, Bolton, NY

    AC0231 - Development acreage in Moriah, NY - dual zoning, some views of Lake Champlain

    AC0232 - 48 acres near Lake George, Glenburnie NY

    AC0233 - W/D, 4+ acres on Trout Stream, Lewis NY

    AC0234 - SOLD, village lot, Mineville, NY

    AC0236 - SOLD, 100 acres, mountainous land with great mountain views, Elizabethtown, NY

    AC0237 - SOLD, Glenburnie w/lake-rights on Lake George, Putnam, NY

    AC0238 - SOLD, 1/2 acre lot near village, Willsboro, NY

    AC0240 - SOLD, 5 acres in Chatimac Subdivision w/pond, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0244 - SOLD, The Preserve, nice subdivision, North Creek, NY

    AC0246 - W/D, The Preserve, nice subdivision, North Creek, NY

    AC0248 - W/D, lake-right's lot in Buena Vista, Willsboro, NY

    AC0249 - SOLD, double lots in Moriah, NY

    AC0250 - SOLD, Foley Park View, Willsboro, NY

    AC0251 - SOLD - building lot in Clinton, NY

    AC0252 - SOLD, 11 acres w/access to Alford Pond, Placid Meadow Subdivision, Lake Placid, NY

    AC0254 - W/D, 7+ acres only 2 miles to Gore Ski Mountain, Chestertown, NY

    AC0255 - W/D, lake views, stream, land in Westport, NY

    AC0256 - SOLD, 25 acres in quiet country near Canada Creek, Morehouse, NY

    AC0257 - SOLD, village lot, zoned hamlet (business or residential) close to beach, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0258 - SOLD, commercial corner lot, Minerva. NY

    AC0260 - W/D, luxury subdivision w/club house, pool, workout room, North Creek, NY

    AC0261 - SOLD, "Lost Horizon", land in downtown Adirondack, NY

    AC0262 - W/D, non buildable lot, waterfalls in Hague, NY

    AC0263 - SOLD, "Mill Creek" in subdivision, not subdivision rules required, Horicon, NY

    AC0264 - SOLD - 7+ acres with mix zoning, Riparius, NY

    AC0265 - SOLD - lakeright's lot

    AC0267 - SOLD - Gore Mountain subdivision lot, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0268 - SOLD, Cul-De-Sac, North Creek, NY

    AC0269 - SOLD - nice acreage near Gore Mountain, Chestertown, NY

    AC0270 - W/D, an acre with a ski view of Gore, North Creek, NY

    AC0271 - W/D, an acre with a ski view of Gore, North Creek, NY

    AC0272 - SOLD, 5 +/- acres, level wooded lot in quiet country town near the Canadian border, Mooers, NY

    AC0273 - SOLD, 14 acres just below the village, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0274 - SOLD, 13 acres on Sacandaga River, Wells, NY

    AC0275 - W/D- 9+/- wooded acres with some mountain views, Wells, NY

    AC0276 - W/D - 5.76 +/- wooded acres in the central Adirondacks, Wells, NY

    AC0277 - SOLD, 13 wooded acres only 1.5 miles from Gore Ski Mountain, pond access on Austin Pond, North Creek, NY

    AC0278 - SOLD - 8 acres with a building knoll for some nice views in the Hoffman Wilderness Range, Schroon Lake, NY 

    AC0280 - W/D - Blue Sky Beach, lot on Sunset Terrace, Horicon, NY

    AC0282 - W/D - 3.31 acres on the Sacandaga River, Hope, NY

    AC0283 - W/D - 23 acres on the Sacandaga River, Hope, NY

    AC0284 - SOLD, 111 acres affording some nice views of Gore, Olmstedville, NY

    AC0285 - SOLD, 26 acres makes this base camp for the family, Hope, NY

    AC0286 - W/D, small downtown lot, Indian Lake, NY

    AC0287 - SOLD, 14 nice and level acres, Fonda, NY

    AC0288 - 3.8 acres of dense woods and dirt roads but nice homes being built, Horicon, NY

    AC0290 - SOLD, acreage backing up on Coon Mountain, Westport, NY

    AC0291 - SOLD, downtown Essex, NY

    AC0293 - SOLD, 9 acres in North Creek, NY

    AC0295 - SOLD 10 acres of mountainous terrain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0297 - 89+ acreage, Chestertown, NY

    AC0298 - W/D - 5+ acres with views Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0299 - SOLD - 9+, Charlie Hill with mountain views, Schroon Lake

    AC0300 - OFF MARKET - back acres, Johnsburg

    AC0301 - SOLD, 140 acres, Wevertown, NY

    AC0302 - Acreage in the Adirondacks, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0304 - 2000+ plus, private offering of developable land overlooking the Sacanadaga, Hadley, NY

    AC0305 - SOLD, five lots to pick from, surveyed, Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0306 - W/D,  five lots to pick from, surveyed, Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0307 - W/D,  five lots to pick from, surveyed, Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0308 - SOLD, five lots to pick from, surveyed, Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0309 - W/D,  five lots to pick from, surveyed, Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0310 - SOLD, five lots to pick from, surveyed, Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0311 - SOLD, Lot #1 on new small subdivision, near to Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0312 - SOLD, Lot #2 on new small subdivision, near to Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0314 - SOLD, 2 acres in a nice area, Westport, NY

    AC0315 - Lakefront lot, 2+/- acres, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0316 - SOLD, Pinewood Subdivision, nice secluded subdivision, surveyed lot of 8+ acres, Chestertown, NY

    AC0324 - SOLD, Pinewood Subdivision, nice secluded subdivision, surveyed lot of 1+ acres, Chestertown, NY

    AC0328 - SOLD, 10 acres in Chestertown, NY

    AC0330 - SOLD, lake-right's lot in Buena Vista, Willsboro, NY

    AC0331 - SOLD, lake-right's lot in Buena Vista, Willsboro, NY

    AC0332 - Lakefront lot on Lake Luzerne, Lake Luzerne, NY

    AC0333 - W/D - Four lots (two back lots, one road frontage, one river frontage), Wells, NY

    AC0334 - SOLD, lakefront lot (restrictions) on the shores of Champlain, Crown Point, NY

    AC0335 - W/D, 294 acres with subdivision possibilities, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0336 - SOLD, 16+ acres, Thurman, NY

    AC0341 - SOLD -Timber land, 69 acres, Horicon, NY

    AC0342 - 307 acres of mountainous range, Chesterfield, NY

    AC0343 - W/D, lake-right's lot in Buena Vista, Willsboro, NY

    AC0344 - Acreage with Vistas, Ticonderoga, NY

    AC0345 - SOLD - 5.7+ acres, Hope, NY

    AC0357 - W/D, 4.022+/- acre lot with well & septic, clearing and roadwork, Lewis, NY

    AC0358 - W/D, 4+/- acres with Mtn. Views of Discovery Mountain, bonus with well & septic, Lewis, NY

    AC0359 - W/D, 24.64 +/- subdividable acreage with mountain views, spring, well & septic, Lewis, NY

    AC0364 - SOLD, 152 acres on Allegany Brook, Ellenburg, NY

    AC0367 - SOLD, "Off the Grid" 22 acres, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0369 - W/D, as close to the mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0370 - W/D, as close to the mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0371 - W/D, 22 acres, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0372 - W/D - Residential and Commercial zoned, three adjoining lots, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0373 - SOLD, village lot, Port Kent, NY

    AC0374 - SOLD Village lot on dead-end road, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0375 - SOLD- Improved Acreage (well, septic & power), Thurman, NY

    AC0380 - "Off Grid" Hunting Land, Ohio, NY

    AC0388 - SOLD, 138 acres "Off Grid", Hoffmeister, NY

    AC0401 - SOLD, 100 acres w/pond, Baker Mills, NY

    AC0402 - SOLD, 117 acres of McCarthy Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0403 - Off Market - 8 acre parcel on Anderson Brook, Lake Luzerne, NY

    AC0404 - SOLD - two surveyed lots in quiet area, Chestertown, NY

    AC0405 - SOLD - part of AC0404, Chestertown, NY

    AC0406 - W/D - Subdivision ready to start building, developers take notice, Chestertown, NY

    AC0407 - W/D -Building lot with lake rights on the Great Sacandaga Lake, Edinburg, NY

    AC0408 - SOLD, 140 acres, Riparius, NY

    AC0409 - SOLD, Truck Stop and acreage, Lewis, NY

    AC0412 - SOLD, 60+ acres, land with a history, Moriah, NY

    AC0414 - 16 acres of land to relax, Crown Point, NY

    AC0415 - 5 acres next to some great skiing, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0416 - Off market - 16 acres across from the Falls, Hopkinton, NY

    AC0417 - SOLD - 6 acres, surveyed, wooded and private, Lake Luzerne, NY

    AC0418 - SOLD - 7.27 double lot with well, septic and camper, Lake Luzerne, NY

    AC0419 - SOLD - 86 acres of Adirondack Lake, Thurman, NY

    AC0424 - Off Market - Building lot on quite road, Hadley, NY

    AC0425 - SOLD, 172+/- acres behind USA's oldest Rodeos, Lake Luzerne, NY

    AC0427 - SOLD, bordering Siamese Wilderness Land, North River, NY

    AC0429 - W/D - Double City Lots, Glens Falls, NY

    AC0430 - PENDING - 6+ acres in the Hoffman Notch Wilderness Region, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0432 - 5+ acres bordering Trout Brook and state land, back land off grid, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0435 - SOLD - Village Lot, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0436 - Top of the World Lot, Lake George, NY

    AC0437 - 4 acres in Fort Montgomery Development, Rouses Point NY

    AC0438 - 2.5 acres in Fort Montgomery Development, Rouses Point NY

    AC0439 - 2.5 acres in Fort Montgomery Development, Rouses Point NY

    AC0440 - 2 acres in Fort Montgomery Development, Rouses Point NY

    AC0441 - 2 acres in Fort Montgomery Development, Rouses Point NY

    AC0442 - 46 acres in Fort Montgomery Development, Rouses Point NY

    AC0443 - 8.1 lakefront acres in Fort Montgomery Development, Rouses Point NY

    AC0444 - SOLD - 2+ acres in country dirt road & stream in rear, Horicon,  NY

    AC0445 - SOLD - 2+ acres in country dirt road, Horicon, NY

    AC0446 - SOLD - 35+ acres w/stream, Horicon, NY

    AC0447 - SOLD - 23 acres with timber, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0448 - SOLD - 91 acres, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0449 - SOLD - 1+ acres bordering state land, North Hudson, NY

    AC0450 - W/D - 3.25+ acres with improvements (septic/well, gravel pad & more), Lewis, NY

    AC0451 - SOLD - 3.6 acre w/improvements (well, septic, area for mobile and FREE HOUSE), Lewis, NY 

    AC0453 - 10+ acres farmland, Whitehall, NY

    AC0454 - 7 acres surveyed with lake views, Horicon, NY

    AC0455 - Village Lot in Lake George, NY

    AC0457 - Off Market - 157 acres w/camp, Hampton, NY 

    AC0458 - SOLD - Adirondack lot for sale, Adirondack, NY

    AC0459 - SOLD - 3+ Maple Heights, on Indian Trail Road, Willsboro, NY

    AC0460 - SOLD - 10 acres, Waverly, NY

    AC0462 - 5.79 acres with mountain views (both Green & Adk. mountains), Whitehall, NY 

    AC0463 - Off Market - Four lot subdivision for Sale, Lake George, NY

    AC0464 - Off market - 20+ surveyed acres on Alexander McDonald Mill Pond and Stony Creek, Stony Creek, NY

    AC0465 - SOLD - Large Adirondack acreage with pond frontage in the 3D fishing waters, Waverly, NY

    AC0466 - Tug Hill Region, acreage, Port Leydon, NY 

    AC0468 - SOLD - 81.42+/- Acres with nice trails and subdivision rights, Johnsburg, NY

    AC0469 - SOLD - 54+ acres with lots of wood trails, Moriah/Mineville, NY 

    AC0470 - Off Market - 2+/-commercial corner building lot, Moriah, NY (notes)

    AC0471 - Off  Market - 15+/- acres cradled in the mountains, Moriah, NY (notes)

    AC0473 - 200 acres of mixed use, Lake George, NY

    AC0474 - Off Market - 2+/- acre building lot overlooking fields, Moriah,  NY (notes)

    AC0476 - Off Market - 5+/- acres overlooking Lake Champlain, Moriah, NY (notes)

    AC0477 - Off Market - 1.5+/- acre custom designed lot with lake & mountain views, Moriah, NY (notes)

    AC0478 - Off Market - .4+/- acre lot with spring & septic, Moriah, NY (notes

    AC0479 - SOLD - Village Lot, Port Henry, NY 

    AC0480 - 702 +/- acres for multi-purpose investment use, Beekmantown, NY

    AC0482 - SOLD - 297 +/- acres in eight lots, Thurman, NY 

    AC0483 - Off Market - 15+/- acres on Buck Mountain, Crown Point, NY

    AC0484 - SOLD - 1,206 acres of Tug Mill Pond and other ponds, Moriah, NY

    AC0485 - SOLD - 196+/- acres in Saratoga County only 1/2 mile to the lake, Greenfield, NY

    AC0486 - SOLD - 7 Acres on the Spruce Mill Creek, Lewis, NY

    AC0488 - SOLD - 26 acres bordering state land, Thurman, NY

    AC0489 - Off Market -114 acres of mountain with spectacular views, Moriah, NY

    AC0490 - SOLD - 15 acres w/FREE Camp, back country, Crown Point, NY

    AC0491 - SOLD - 78+ surveyed acres and only 10 minutes to Gore Ski Mountain, Johnsburg NY

    AC0491a-SOLD - 69 surveyed acres, Steele & Route 28, Johnsburg NY

    AC0491b-SOLD - Three 2.98 acre lots on Route 28, Johnsburg NY

    AC0493 - OFF MARKET - 10+ acres with improvements, off grid and glamping, Bleecker NY

    AC0494 - SOLD - 105+/- acres bordering state land, Schroon Lake NY

    AC0495 - 21 plus wooded acreage with survey and house plans included, Chestertown NY

    AC0496 - SOLD - 5 surveyed acres overlooking Lake Champlain, Crown Point NY

    AC0498 - Off Market - 9+ acres that is shovel ready, Chesterfield, NY

    AC0500 - SOLD  - 1+ acre in Moongate with lakerights & golfing, Lake Placid, NY

    AC0502 - W/D - 18 acres w/septic, driveway and septic tanks, Lewis NY

    AC0503 - Three lot parcel, purchase separate or together, Putnam Creek, Crown Point, NY

    AC0504 - SOLD - 12+ acres with pond and stream, Bolton, NY

    AC0505 - 24+ acres on dirt dead-end road, Bolton, NY

    AC0506 - 6+ acres bordering state land w/stream, Schroon Lake NY

    AC0508 - Lake-rights building lot in "Blue Sky", Horicon, NY

    AC0510 - Deep woods camp on 13 acres w/full rv set up, Johnsburg, NY



    CO0100 - SOLD - Lakefront 10 acres motel & cabins, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0101 - SOLD,  home w/bar on snowmobile trails, Saranac, NY

    CO0104 - SOLD, garden apartment, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0106 - SOLD, Ice Cream Parlor & Home, Adirondack, NY

    CO0107 - SOLD, duplex, Schroon lake

    CO0108 - Post Office & Shop, North Hudson, NY (see CO0155)

    CO0109 - LEASED, commercial downtown building, Crown Point, NY

    CO0110 - SOLD, retail shop, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0113 - SOLD, snack bar and land, North Creek, NY

    CO0114 - SOLD, Apartment Building w/6 units, Crown Point, NY

    CO0115 - SOLD, coffee shop and apartment, Warrensburg, NY

    CO0116 - SOLD, kid's Camp, Thurman, NY

    CO0117 - SOLD, retail shop, North Hudson, NY

    CO0118 - SOLD, row building downtown, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0119 - SOLD, row building downtown, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0120 - SOLD, motel, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0121 - SOLD, 7 unit apartment building in Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0122 - SOLD, country store, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0123 - SOLD, downtown restaurant, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0124 - SOLD, duplex, Ticonderoga, NY

    CO0127 - SOLD, "Moose Mountain Lodge" Thurman, NY

    CO0128 - W/D, Campground and store, Newcomb, NY

    CO0129 - W/D, Commercial Zone Land, Plattsburgh, NY

    CO0131 - SOLD, B&B, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0132 - W/D Tire Center, Mini Mart, Gas Station, Burke, NY

    CO0134 - W/D - Tip Top Frame business only, Plattsburgh, NY

    CO0135 - SOLD,  Restaurant "The Birches", Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0137 - W/D - Motel & PO, Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0138 - SOLD - 7 Unit Apartment Building, Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0140 - SOLD - General Store, Lewis, NY

    CO0141 - W/D - owner moving back - Tri Plex, North Hudson, NY-

    CO0145 - SOLD, Retail Store, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0146 - SOLD, Retail Store, Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0147 - SOLD, 4plex, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0148 - W/D -5 star motel, apartment and home in Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0150 - SOLD, Duplex, Glens Falls, NY

    CO0152 - SOLD, Marina, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0153 - SOLD -  Hobby Store, business only, Plattsburgh, NY

    CO0155 - W/D -Post Office, North Hudson, NY

    CO0156 - W/D -Boarding Historical Home, Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0157 - SOLD - development land on Gore Ski Mountain, North Creek, NY

    CO0158 - TLC ... retail & Apartments, Port Henry,  NY

    CO0160 - SOLD, gas station, motel units, mini mart and home in Cranberry Lake, NY - near boat launch

    CO0161 - W/D -Garage w/lakefront, Brant Lake, NY

    CO0164 - lakefront land on Abanakee Lake in Indian Lake village, with cabins and development opportunities, Indian Lake, NY

    CO0166 - W/D - Garage, Queensbury, NY

    CO0167 - SOLD, Duplex, Port Henry, NY

    CO0169 - SOLD - Restaurant/Lodge on Piseco Inlet, Piseco, NY

    CO0170 - W/D - Motel/PO/Cabin complex in Raybrook, NY

    CO0172 - SOLD - 4 plex Academy Ave, Saranac Lake, NY (agent/owned)

    CO0173 - SOLD - 4 plex Bloomingdale Ave, Saranac Lake, NY (agent/owned)

    CO0174 - SOLD, restaurant & cabins, Ohio, NY

    CO0175 - W/D, 4plex, North Creek, NY

    CO0176 - W/D owner keeping - Bear Path Inn/Restaurant/Bar on 52 acres with fantastic views, Morehouse, NY

    CO0177 - SOLD, Duplex, Mineville, NY

    CO0178 - Off Market - Lakefront Inn, Lake Pleasant, NY

    CO0180 - W/D, Ice Cream Shop, Newcomb, NY

    CO0181 - SOLD, Restaurant, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0183 - SOLD, Marina on beautiful Lake George, Hulett's Landing, NY

    CO0185 - SOLD -  Chinese Restaurant, Speculator, NY

    CO0186 - SOLD -  Hotel, Ohio, NY

    CO0187 - SOLD - Retail gift shop and 3 apartments in heart of Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0189 - SOLD - SL waterfront development (motel & cabin complex) with great development potential, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0192 - W/D - Retail Shop, Speculator, NY

    CO0193 - W/D - Trailer Park, Keeseville, NY

    CO0194 - FSBO - Entire block for sale with retail shop, vacant lot and barn, Lake Placid, NY

    CO0195 - SOLD - Grocery Store, North Creek, NY

    CO0196 - SOLD  -Copperfield Inn, Garden Restaurant and Trappers Inn complex for sale, North Creek, NY

    CO0197 - SOLD - Triplex with long history of 100% occupancy, garage also rented, Fort Edward, NY

    CO0198 - SOLD, Kid's Camp, Speculator, NY

    CO0199 - W/D - Cabins & Resort, Raybrook, NY

    CO0201 - SOLD  - Cheese Farm, Chesterfield, NY

    CO0202 - W/D, Gift & Bakery Shop, Ephathah, NY

    CO0204 - SOLD - Apartment Building, Schroon Lake

    CO0205 - Off market - Turnkey "Arietta Hotel"  Piseco/Arietta, NY

    CO0206 - SOLD - Warren's Inn, lovely Victorian B&B in the heart of the Village, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0208 - W/D, Gift Shop, Lake Pleasant

    CO0209 - SOLD - Retail & Apartments, Ticonderoga, NY

    CO0211 - W/D, Restaurant, Wells, NY

    CO0212 - SOLD, Apartment Building, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0214 - W/D, Retail shop, Saranac/Riverview, NY

    CO0215 - W/D, Retail shop, North Hudson

    CO0216 - SOLD, Lakefront Victorian with Cabins, Rouses Point, NY

    CO0217 - SOLD, Commercial Development Land, Lake Placid, NY

    CO0218 - SOLD, 4 Plex, Lewis, NY

    CO0221 - Burned, Historical Retail Building, Elizabethtown, NY

    CO0223 - SOLD - Commercial/Residential Log Home/Building, suitable for work-at-home professional, Lake George, NY

    CO0224 - SOLD- Commercial/Residential Contemporary Home/Building, suitable for work-at-home professional, Lake George, NY

    CO0226 - LEASED - Drake's Restaurant & Motel, name recognition business for sale, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0227 - SOLD - Sherman Building, Moriah, NY

    CO0228 - SOLD - Historical Commercial 6-plex downtown building, Elizabethtown, NY

    CO0229 - SOLD - Multi Family Duplex in the city limits, Glens Falls, NY

    CO0230 - SOLD, retail store, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0231 - W/D, Turnkey Restaurant w/living quarters, Ephratah, NY

    CO0234 - SOLD, Duplex, Stillwater, NY

    CO0236 - SOLD - Triplex Investment, fully occupied, historical, Fort Edward, NY

    CO0240 - W/D - Sand Pit Mine, Lewis, NY

    CO0241 - SOLD, Duplex or lg. family home, Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0242 - W/D - School For Sale, Cadyville, NY

    CO0242 - Old Stone Mill Offices on the Ausable River, Keeseville, NY

    CO0244 - OFF MARKET - Triplex, mixed residential and commercial, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0245 - W/D - Heated Industrial Warehouse for sale, Chateaugay, NY

    CO0246 - SOLD - Homestead w/duplex.  Three Homes for the price of one!  North Hudson, NY

    CO0247 - SOLD - - Duplex Home, North Hudson, NY

    CO0248 - SOLD -  Village Motel, downtown location, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0249 - SOLD - Historical Railroad Station, Chazy, NY

    CO0250 - LEASED - 254 acres of commercial land, Ticonderoga, NY check out:  FlowPlayer™ Streaming

    RE0497 -  W/D -Duplex (or single family) Farmhouse, Lewis, NY

    CO0251 - RENTED - Professional Offices, Peru, NY

    CO0252 - W/D - Auto Parts Store for Sale, Champlain, NY

    CO0255 - W/D - Five unit mix used commercial downtown opportunity, Warrensburg, NY

    CO0257 - SOLD - Industrial Warehouse Distribution plus Office Building, Plattsburgh, NY

    CO0258 - SOLD - Mixed Use Rental Buildings for Sale, Plattsburgh, NY

    CO0259 - W/D - Large commercial complex (8000 s/f) plus! North Hudson, NY

    CO0260 - W/D - Small Mobile Home Park, Chazy, NY

    CO0261 - SOLD - Convenience Store with Apartments, Plattsburgh, NY

    CO0262 - W/D - Downtown Restaurant w/apartments, Bolton Landing, NY

    CO0263 - SOLD - Downtown Motel & Cabins, well established, Old Forge, NY

    CO0264 - SOLD - Retail/Warehouse of over 18K s/f, Pottersville, NY

    CO0265 - Off Market -Downtown TURNKEY restaurant, Speculator, NY

    CO0266 - Downtown Row Five Unit Complex, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0268 - SOLD - 11 unit apartment building, long term tenants, Saranac Lake NY

    CO0269 - Off market - Liquor Store w/Apartment, Lake George, NY

    CO0270 - SOLD - Lakefront Housekeeping Cottages on Fourth Lake, Inlet, NY YouTube™

    CO0271 - LEASED Aquifer land for sale, Ticonderoga

    CO0272 - SOLD - Multi Family w/commercial unit, downtown, Schroon Lake NY

    LF0322 - SOLD - 10+ acres old motel/cabin complex with Hamlet zoning, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0273 - Mixed Use Commercial Building, downtown, Schroon Lake NY







   AC0444 - W/D - 2+ acres in country dirt road & stream in rear, Horicon,  NY

   RF0103 -  SOLD - Historical Sallie Miller Smith Great Camp, Schroon Lake, NY

   RF0124 - W/D, Historical Duplex on Saranac River, Riverview, NY

   RE0494 - W/D - Surreal Valley Views & Mountain Backdrop, Center Colonial homestead of 134 acres, Whitehall, NY

   RE0411 - SOLD - Great Camp Home with 5 bedrooms, Lake Placid, NY

   RE0501 - SOLD - Adirondack Oasis Estate, Lake Champlain region, NY

   RE0509 - SOLD - Well-cared for Modern Home in the Country, Ellenburg, NY

   LF0314 -  SOLD - 17 Acres with  1,900' of shoreline, family complex, North Hudson, NY




    RE0102 - Burned, was large home, now only land and garage, Saranac, NY

    RE0103 - W/D, starter home in Chestertown, NY

    RE0104 - SOLD, 3 bedroom home, Contemporary style close to the beaches, Chestertown, NY

    RE0108 - SOLD, log upscale home with Currier & Ives views, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0109 - SOLD, 4 bedroom ranch convenient to town, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0111 - SOLD, fixer-upper in quiet country area, Minerva, NY

    RE0118 - SOLD, 2 bedroom home, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0119 - SOLD, contemporary on 7 acres, Turin, NY

    RE0120 - SOLD, 3 bedroom modular home in quiet end of town, Thurman, NY

    RE0123 - SOLD, the house that Jack built, very unique, Pottersville, NY

    RE0124 - SOLD, 2 bedroom ranch on Short Street between Schroon and Horicon, NY

    RE0125 - SOLD, ranch home overlooking Loon Lake, Chestertown. NY

    RE0129 - SOLD, camp near Garnet Lake, camp in the woods, Thurman, NY

    RE0130 - SOLD, ranch home with access to beautiful Trout Brook, Minerva, NY

    RE0131 - SOLD, affordable country home, Horicon, NY

    RE0133 - SOLD, A frame home on Schroon River, Horicon, NY

    RE0136 - SOLD, village home in Lake Placid, NY

    RE0137 - SOLD, contemporary with views galore of the High Peaks, Keene, NY

    RE0140 - SOLD, log home with acreage, Crown Point, NY

    RE0142 - SOLD, downtown Adirondack ... yep, there is an Adirondack, NY

    RE0143 - SOLD, Pinehill Townhouse, Lake Placid, NY

    RE0144 - SOLD, circ historical home, colonial design with barns, Wevertown, NY

    RE0145 - SOLD, modular in the village of Warrensburg, NY

    RE0148 - SOLD, bank sale 'as is' with potential, Moriah, NY

    RE0149 - SOLD, chalet with mountain & lake views, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0150 - SOLD, Hoffman Notch Wilderness home, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0152 - W/D, beach home, updated 4 bedroom contemporary ranch on the shores of Lake George, Putnam, NY   

    RE0154 - SOLD, three bedroom home in the village, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0156 - SOLD, artesian style home, Ausable Forks, NY

    RE0159 - SOLD, townhouse in busy Clifton Park, NY

    RE0160 - SOLD, camp with rights to lake, Indian Lake, NY

    RE0161 - SOLD, ranch home overlooking the Great Sacandaga, Lake Luzerne, NY

    RE0171 - SOLD, starter home in Glens Falls, NY

    RE0173 - SOLD, cute mobile home near beaches, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0174 - SOLD, tutor home with acreage options, Saranac, NY

    RE0177 - SOLD, village home, walk to the beach at the end of the road, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0178 - SOLD, fixer up 'as is' village home, Willsboro NY

    RE0181 - SOLD, cute 2 bedroom home, Lake Luzerne, NY

    RE0182 - W/D, 4 bedroom home, Lake Luzerne, NY

    RE0186 - W/D, turn of the century home, - in the City of Glens Falls, NY

    RE0187 - SOLD, log cabin sitting on 6 acres with a view of the valley, Hebron, NY

    RE0188 - W/D - ESTATE, commercial/residential - your pick, work from home in the Hamlet of North Hudson, NY

    RE0189 - W/D, older mobile home near Glenburnie and Lake George, a starter home as you built, Putnam, NY

    RE0192 - SOLD, village home plus a Winnebago with the sale, Warrensburg, NY

    RE0193 - W/D, desirable Beech Hill area, Lake Placid, NY

    RE0195 - SOLD, two-family home in Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0196 - W/D, contemporary split level home on Crownwood Development, Glens Falls, NY

    RE0197 - SOLD, lake view chalet overlooking the shores of gorgeous Lake Champlain, Moriah, NY

    RE0198 - SOLD, builder's home, lots of attention to detail, dead-end quiet road, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0199 - W/D, raised ranch with in-law apartment, dead-end quiet road, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0200 - SOLD, four bedroom home near the slopes, village living and close to lots of amenities, Lake Placid, NY

    RE0201 - SOLD, preconstruction home, finish to your custom desires, North Creek, NY

    RE0203 - W/D, well-cared for Cape Cod style home, Lake Luzerne, NY

    RE0204 - SOLD, fixer-up home with lots of potential, Westport, NY

    RE0205 - SOLD, wow so cheap, 1/2 of a duplex, Moriah, NY

    RE0206 - SOLD -  older historical home "as is" in quiet area of the Park, Morehouse, NY

    RE0207 - SOLD, country small farm house w/extra cottage for the guest, North Hudson, NY

    RE0208 - W/D, owner staying, nice ranch with easy commute, Queensbury, NY

    RE0290 - W/D, Camp in the woods close to all kinds of ponds, Waverly, NY

    RE0210 - SOLD - large historical home w/great lake views of Champlain and the Green Mtns, B&B possibilities, Port Kent, NY   

    RE0214 - SOLD, fixer home  with double lot in Hague, NY

    RE0215 - SOLD, chalet in the woods in the Hoffman Wilderness Region, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0216 - SOLD, village older home 'fixer', Corinth, NY

    RE0218 - SOLD, the Summit at Gore, town home, North Creek, NY

    RE0220 - SOLD, family home in Corinth, NY

    RE0224 - SOLD, top notch cottage deed in the Hoffman Wilderness Notch Region, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0225 - SOLD, fixer or rebuild, dual zoning (commercial & residential), Lake Luzerne, NY

    RE0226 - SOLD, two for the price of one, Moriah, NY

    RE0227 - SOLD, family ranch, Mineville, NY

    RE0228 - SOLD, two for the price of one, Moriah, NY

    RE0230 - W/D, double camps so all the family can enjoy, Morehouse, NY

    RE0231 - SOLD, "A" frame ski home close to the mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0232 - W/D, New Built at the foot of Gore Mountain, North Creek, NY

    RE0233 - W/D, The retreat, lots of land and generous size home, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0234 - SOLD, village home in fun Speculator, NY

    RE0235 - SOLD, cabin nestled near the village, Speculator, NY

    RE0237 - SOLD, Completely remodeled city home, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, Glens Falls, NY

    RE0238 - SOLD, remodeled home for the family, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0239 - SOLD, 4 bedroom cottage north of the lake, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0240 - SOLD, Historical brick colonial, Edinburg, NY

    RE0241 - SOLD, camp for sale and just a short walk to the public beach, Horicon, NY

    RE0242 - SOLD, builder's remodeled log home with path to private Second Lake, Lake Luzerne, NY

    RE0243 - SOLD, split ranch with acreage enough for horses, Greenwich, NY

    RE0245 - SOLD, almost new home with three bedrooms, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0246 - SOLD, village 'fixer home', Speculator, NY

    RE0247 - SOLD, showcase home with views of the nearby High Peaks, North Hudson, NY

    RE0248 - W/D, Awesome Green Mountain View home with acreage, pond and pool, Hampton/Whitehall, NY

    RE0249 - SOLD, affordable 'fixer home' great starter, Crown Point, NY

    RE0250 - SOLD, older and well kept home, Mineville, NY

    RE0252 - W/D, Cozy cottage in ideal location (near ski mtn. and lakes), 2 bedroom, 1 bath, Chestertown, NY

    RE0253 - SOLD, starter home for the family, yet close to the mountain if you prefer a ski house, Chestertown, NY

    RE0254 - SOLD, quiet retreat with the tractor included to enjoy the gardens, Speculator, NY

    RE0256 - SOLD, affordable modified "A" frame just south of the village, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0259 - SOLD, End-unit town home in the Summit at Gore, North Creek, NY

    RE0260 - W/D, Well decorated home, 4 bedrooms, near Gore Mtn., Johnsburg, NY

    RE0262 - W/D,  wonderful lot home like a lodge, Morehouse, NY

    RE0263 - SOLD, near the river, near the village, near the northway, 3 bedroom home, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0264 - SOLD. river view cottage overlooking the Sacandaga River, Wells, NY

    RE0265 - SOLD, cute and adorable village home, Speculator, NY

    RE0267SOLD,  Convenient Queensbury home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Queensbury, NY

    RE0268 - SOLD, Old charm in the small city, Hudson Falls, NY

    RE0269 - SOLD, deep deep deep in the woods Camp, gated dirt road, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0270 - SOLD, another cute remodeled home in the village, Speculator, NY

    RE0271 - SOLD, village older home, Broadalbin, NY

    RE0272 - SOLD, estate sale 'as is', Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0273 - SOLD, estate sale log home, some work needed, Minerva, NY

    RE0274 - W/D, character older home, Hudson Falls, NY

    RE0275 - SOLD, 3 bedroom chalet with incredible views of Gore Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0276 - SOLD, Historical homestead with lots of acreage, Savannah styling, New Russia, NY

    RE0278 - W/D, very large home for the family, Raybrook, NY

    RE0279 - SOLD fast, village home in Willsboro, NY

    RE0280 - SOLD, four bedroom village home in need of updating and work, affordable, North Creek, NY

    RE0281 - W/D, camp with 40 acres, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0282 - SOLD - All Season ranch home, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, Minerva, NY

    RE0283 - W/D, 18 acres Contemporary Home in nice country, Rainbow Lake, NY

    RE0286 - SOLD, two homes for the price of one.  Life in one and rent the other, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0287 - SOLD, meticulous cared for home which sets back but walking distant to downtown for fun, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0289 - W/D, brand new modular in Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0290 - W/D, lake view home, Crown Point, NY

    RE0291 - SOLD, cottage on Crane Mountain Trailhead, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0292 - W/D, kids are keeping for their own ski home, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0293 - SOLD, older home in the village limits, North Creek, NY

    RE0294 - SOLD, fixer up home/camp, Minerva, NY

    RE0297 - SOLD, gateway home to Crane Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0298 - W/D, almost new modular home, quiet street, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0299 - SOLD, cozy camp, Wells, NY

    RE0300 - W/D, well kept home, Speculator, NY

    RE0301 - SOLD, nifty camp with lots of upgrades, Morehouse, NY

    RE0302 SOLD- Nice Ranch on the same level, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, newly renovated, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0303 – W/D, Crane Mountain View home with acreage, North Creek

    RE0304 - SOLD, upscale log home, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0305 - SOLD, ranch home with mountain views, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0306 - SOLD, Affordable Ski Chalet only 5 minutes to the ski mountain, 3 bedrooms, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0309 - SOLDD, Chalet with nice mountain views, tucked in the woods, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0310 - W/D, remodeled home, Salisbury, NY

    RE0311 - SOLD, ski home, Olmstedville, NY

    RE0313 - SOLD, family home on dead-end road, Willsboro, NY

    RE0314 - SOLD, 2002 Mobile Home on 10 acres bordering town snowmobile trails, Comstock/Fort Ann, NY

    RE0315 - SOLD, Well-built 2+ bedroom ranch on 6 acres with pond views, Crown Point, NY

    RE0316 - SOLD, Studio Home with 1 bedroom, plus family room, secluded lot on 3 acres, Athol, NY

    RE0317 - W/D, older well kept village home, three bedrooms, hamlet zoning, Olmstedville, NY

    RE0318 - SOLD, older farmhouse with 25 acres that abuts snowmobile trails, Morehouse, NY

    RE0319 - SOLD, maintenance free townhome at the Summit, North Creek, NY

    RE0320 - SOLD, Three bedroom farmhouse in the center of town, Speculator, NY

    RE0323 - W/D, Well cared for home, five bedrooms, two baths, Wells, NY

    RE0325 - W/D, Starter home (mobile) with addition, two bedrooms, 2 baths, Wells NY

    RE0326 - SOLD - Ward Log Home, the best of the best, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0327 - W/D-  cute and all redone, village home, Wells, NY

    RE0328 - W/D- lodge cabin in the woods, bordered by state land, Wells,  NY

    RE0329 - W/D -  Log Home Kit Home from Adirondack Country Log Homes, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0330 - W/D - Starter Home, or ski cottage, 1 bedroom, two possible building lots, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0331 - SOLD,  private home nestled in the wood, farmhouse style, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0332 - W/D, Ranch home, Tupper Lake, NY

    RE0334 - SOLD - Move In Home next to The Great Sacandaga Lake, Hadley, NY

    RE0335 - Well kept home across from the Marina, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0336 - SOLD, Former Silver Bell Ski Lodge, all transformed, Wells, NY

    RE0337 - SOLD - Impeccable condition home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and only 6 miles to Gore Mtn., Johnsburg, NY

    RE0338 - SOLD, "Move-In" condition 3 bedroom ranch on peaceful road, Morehouse, NY

    RE0340 - W/D,  Village New Built Home, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0341 - W/D, Village New Built Home, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0342 - SOLD, all refurbished and furnished with antique replica's, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0343 - SOLD - gentleman's farm complete with barns, arena area, pond, and farm house, Thurman, NY

    RE0334 - SOLD - Nice family home, Hadley, NY

    RE0345 - Top Ridge townhomes near Gore Ski Mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0346 - W/D, hunting camp near Canada Creek, Salisbury, NY

    RE0347 - SOLD, Ausable Acre Home nestled in the woods, Jay, NY

    RE0348 - SOLD, Large village home (easy conversion to multi family), Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0349 - SOLD, family home close to the school, Ellenburg, NY

    RE0350 - W/D, paradox home close but feels far away, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0356 - SOLD - Dutch colonial home now used as a commercial building, but endless opportunities, Port Henry, NY

    RE0359 - SOLD, Artist's house, fixer up, koi pond, multi family possibilities, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0360 - W/D, private home with guest cabin to rent to students, Paul Smiths, NY

    RE0377 - SOLD, Historical Stone Home, Essex, NY

    RE0379 - SOLD - Hoffman Notch Wilderness Camp, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0380 - W/D, 189 acre to roam with double homestead, Morehouse, NY

    RE0381 - SOLD, raised ranch on six acres, close to the mountain, Johnsburg, NY

    RE0382 - W/D, Starter home mobile close to the colleagues, Norwood, NY

    RE0384 - W/D, Fly Creek Home in the Jessup Wilderness Region, Wells, NY

    RE0385 - SOLD, upscale home on Ausable Brook, Keene, NY

    RE0386 - W/D, originally the miner's home, Mineville, NY

    RE0387 - W/D, Crownwood home, 4 bedroom family home, Queensbury

    RE0388 –AUCTIONED, Village home in Keene, NY

    RE0390 –SOLD, older home in Harkness (Peru), NY

    RE0391 –SOLD, new neighborhood, almost new home, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0392 - LEASED, older solid home within walking distant to village, Port Henry, NY

    RE0393 - W/D spacious family home with backyard pool, Lewis, NY

    RE0394 - SOLD, 7 acre with older home, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0395 - W/D, older home with the demolition done for the renovation, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0396 - SOLD, Historical Grist Mill/Home, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0397 –W/D, renovated and on 4 acres, this home is in Stratford, NY

    RE0398 - W/D, modular with a fantastic backdrop, Port Henry, NY

    RE0399 - W/D, village home in Lake Placid, NY

    RE0400 - SOLD, Ausable Acre home, nicely done and private, Jay, NY

    RE0401 - SOLD, handyman project and great deal for an historical home, Blackbrook, NY

    RE0402 - W/D, Vintage village home, Port Henry, NY

    RE0403 - SOLD, village cottage, Lake Placid, NY

    RE0404 –LEASED, older farm house w/barn and trails to the river, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0405 - W/D stylist home near Charley Lake, Wells, NY

    RE0406 - SOLD, "off grid" camp with lots of acreage, Lewis, NY

    RE0407 - SOLD, bungalow, keep it simple, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0409 - SOLD, spacious and now all fixed, village home, Speculator, NY

    RE0410 - Off Market - New Built Green Efficient Home, Glens Falls, NY   

    RE0411 –SOLD -Ski Home in upscale neighborhood, Lake Placid, NY  

    RE0412 - SOLD, tidy home with 2 bedrooms, Wells, NY

    RE0414 –SOLD, townhome at the Summit at Gore, RCI benefits, North Creek, NY

    RE0418 –W/D, older farm house 'bank sale', North Hudson, NY

    RE0419 - SOLD, older home sharing well with the family member, Mooers, NY

    RE0420 –SOLD, the 'other' home see RE0419, Mooers, NY

    RE0422 - W/D, owner staying, chalet hidden off Route 9, great commuting home but country feel, Lewis, NY

    RE0423 - W/D, farmhouse with renovations started, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0425 - SOLD, older farmhouse 'as is', Westport, NY

    RE0426 - LEASED, solar contemporary home, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0427 - SOLD, vintage older home, great project, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0428 –W/D, village home, needs some work but affordable, Port Henry, NY

    RE0429 –SOLD, off the grid cabin, Minvera, NY

    RE0430 - SOLD, complete face lift little cottage, Belmont, NY

    RE0431 - W/D abandoned home suffered vandalism, but great shell and area, Waverly, NY

    RE0435 - SOLD - Off-Grid Home, Salem, NY  

    RE0436 - Roomy home, roomy 10 acres room inside and out, North Hudson, NY

    RE0438 - SOLD, the old "Greystone" boarding  house, now a nice village home seconds from the lake, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0440 - SOLD, cooperative apartment on Park Ave, NYC

    RE0441 - SOLD, antique but solid, just outside of the city and affordable, Plattsburgh, NY

    RE0442 - W/D, owner staying, small pond and organic gardens, this home has a touch of the artist in it, Brant Lake, NY

    RE0443 - W/D, "New Built" with River Rights on the Hudson, Queensbury, NY   

    RE0444 - SOLD, well-kept home close to the village, ranch style, Willsboro, NY

    RE0445 - SOLD, 3-season camp with cabins to fix up, North Hudson, NY

    RE0446 - PENDING - Duplex in Saranac Lake, nice investment, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0450 - SOLD - Just about new, a complete redo, Westport, NY 

    RE0451 - SOLD -4 Season Camp/Home bordering State Land and Bumble Pond, Schroon Lake, NY   

    RE0452 - OFF MARKET, Farmhouse in need of updating, organic meadows, and extra building rights, Lewis, NY

    RE0453 - SOLD, 200 feet away from the Boat Launch, Willsboro, NY

    RE0454 - SOLD - Log home with something for everyone, whirlpool for mom, apt for in-laws, garage for dad, and fence yard for Fiddo, North Hudson, NY

    RE0455 - OFF MARKET, upscale home built by High Peaks Builders, Willsboro, NY

    RE0456 - SOLD, stone-faced home just minutes from the City, pond and stream in rear, Cadyville, NY

    RE0460 - SOLD, by Staircase Waterfall, this updated farm house is a delight, Crown Point, NY

    RE0461 - SOLD - Home w/duplex.  Three Homes for the price of one!  North Hudson, NY

    RE0461a-SOLD - Farmhouse, North Hudson, NY

    RE0462 - SOLD - Cape Cod Style and well maintained home on dead-end street, Glens Falls, NY

    RE0464-  FIRE  - Home on 29 acres on the high rise view, Elizabethtown, NY 

    RE0465 - SOLD - family ranch home, Lake Pleasant, NY

    RE0467 - SOLD - Historical Col. Job's homestead, many historical features remain, 5 bedrooms, Crown Point, NY

    RE0469 - OFF MARKET, Top Shelf and Marvelous Mountain Ridge Views, Salt Box styled home, Granville, NY

    RE0471 - OFF MARKET - Estate Sale in Columbia County, Valatie, NY

    RE0472 - OFF MARKET - Boquet River Ranch Home, Lewis, NY

    RE0473 - SOLD - 100 acres w/farm house, Hopkinton, NY

    RE0474 - SOLD - Just outside the village w/cabin, Lake George, NY

    RE0475 - W/D - Sweet Retirement Home, Hudson Falls, NY

    RE0476 - SOLD - Peaceful on Stream Home,  Lake George, NY

    RE0477 - W/D - Private Home near Golf course, state land, snowmobile trails, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0478 - W/D - Country Farm House for sale, Dickerson Center, NY

    RE0479 - W/D - Fix-It Home, Moria, NY

    RE0480 - SOLD - Cabin in the Woods, Crown Point, NY

    RE0481 - W/D - Hoffman Wilderness Notch Log Cabin, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0482 - Temp Off Market -  Hoffman Wilderness Notch Cabin in the Woods, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0483 - SOLD - Fixer Vintage Village Home, 1900's, Lake George, NY

    RE0486 - SOLD - Quality Built Adirondack Home, Chestertown, NY

    RE0487 - SOLD - Newly Built Hobby Farm w/barn, pond and fields, Burke, NY 

    RE0488 - SOLD  - Vintage Village Home w/5 bedrooms, 2 bath, Chestertown, NY

    RE0489 - SOLD - 100+ acre farmhouse w/cabin on White Creek, Gouverneur, NY

    RE0492 - SOLD - City Home, well maintained, three bedrooms, Glens Falls, NY

    RE0493 - SOLD - Pond View Comfy home bordering state land, North Hudson, NY

    RE0494 - W/D - Surreal Valley Views & Mountain Backdrop, Center Colonial homestead of 134 acres, Whitehall, NY

    RE0495 - W/D - Affordable three bedroom home on 12+ acres, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0496 - W/D - -Victorian Flair, historical home, Bangor, NY

    RE0497 - SOLD - Duplex (or single family) Farmhouse, Lewis, NY 

    RE0498 - W/D - Custom Adirondack Chalet, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0499 -  SOLD - Adirondack Camp, Sears and Roebuck Home, Adirondack, NY

    RE0501 -  SOLD - Adirondack Oasis Estate, Lake Champlain region, NY     Gallery I, Gallery IIAerial Gallery

    RE0502 -  SOLD - Comfortable family home away from prying eyes, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0503 -  SOLD - Newly renovated home on the outskirts of the village, Lake George, NY

    RE0504 -  SOLD - Lake view ranch, Moriah, NY

    RE0505 -  SOLD  - Stone home with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0508 -  Luxury Home currently known as Schroon Lake B&B, Schroon Lake, NY 

    RE0509 -  SOLD - Well-cared for Modern Home in the Country, Ellenburg, NY 

    RE0510 -  Off Market - Historical farmhouse w/acreage, Malone, NY

    RE0515 -  SOLD - Post & Beam Home, estate sale, Ticonderoga, NY    Video

    RE0516 -  Off Market - "Architect Digest" Home in historical Essex, NY

    RE0517 -  SOLD - Country Homes in the Woods, plus guest cabin, Ironville, NY  Gallery

    RE0518 -  RENTED - All Tucked Away Contemporary Home, New Russia, NY  Gallery

    RE0519 - SOLD - Custom Built Home immersed in the wilderness, Middle Grove 

    RE0521 - RENTED - Mobile home or office w/barn on 20 acres, Lewis, NY

    RE0522 - W/D  - Luxury Architecturally designed home with acreage, Granville NY, Gallery

    RE0523 - SOLD - Starter Home with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath on bluff, Jay

    RE0524 - SOLD - Log Cabin, TLC with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath in Lake George, NY

    RE0527 - SOLD - Three bedroom ranch  home with great backyard mountain views, Lake George, NY  Video

    RE0528 - SOLD - OFF GRID camp on 18+ acres, Nicholville, NY

    RE0529 - SOLD - Lake Champlain Overlook Camp, Dresden, NY

    RE0532 - W/D- Sportman/woman Dream home, Lake Luzerne, NY   Gallery

    RE0537 - OFF MARKET - Village Home next to golf course, Port Henry, NY

    RE0540 - SOLD - 55+ Park Home for Sale, Queensbury, NY

    RE0541 - OFF MARKET - Downtown Ski Home with extra in-law mobile home, North Creek NY

    RE0542 - OFF MARKET - Downtown Village Home away from prying eyes, three bedrooms, 2 bath, Speculator, NY

    RE0544 - SOLD - Splendid 3 bedroom home with 2 baths PLUS in-law apartment, Lake George, NY

    RE0545 - SOLD  - 87 Wilderness acres w/cabin, Johnsburg NY

    RE0546 - SOLD - Farmhouse w/4bedrooms, 4 acres, barn, shed and pond, Chestertown, NY

    RE0548 - SOLD - Country Living home w/3bedrooms, 2 baths and 4.56 acres, Whitehall, NY

    RE0549 - SOLD - Lake view village home, all redone, Port Henry, NY

    RE0550 - SOLD - Farmhouse w/man cave barn, Stony Creek NY

    RE0554 - SOLD - Steel Core "Container" Home, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0556 - SOLD - Executive Custom Timber Frame Home, Lake George, NY

    RE0558 - PENDING - Older Farmhouse with acreage that can be subdivided, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0560 - OFF MARKET - Home on Fishpole Stream with pond, Malone, NY

    RE0561 - RENTED - Cape Cod Home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 4-car garage & pole barn, Westport,  NY

    RE0562 - OFF MARKET - Historical Home totally renovated, 3 bedrooms 2 bath and 10 private acres, Merrill NY

    RE0563 - SOLD - Hoffman Wilderness Home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Schroon Lake NY

    RE0565 - PENDING - Older farmhouse on 95 acres with barns and more, Hague NY

    RE0568 - SOLD - New Camp on 70 acres with mountain views, Thurman NY

    RE0569 - SOLD - Prior Dairy Farm on 100 acres w/pond, Altona NY

    RE0600 - Super location at Titus Ski Mtn., Malone, NY'

    RE0601 - SOLD - Village Executive Home w/pool and rental cabin, Lake George NY

    RE0606 - RENTED - Cottage Farm Homestead with lots of barns, Warrensburg NY, Video

    RE0607 - SOLD - Historically known as the "Chipmunk Camp" bordering church and state land, Schroon Lake NY

    RE0614 - SOLD - Split Level home with four bedrooms two baths, Glenville NY

    RE0624 - SOLD - Village home with .35 acres, Lake George NY

    RE0627 - SOLD - Executive Custom Home, Ticonderoga NY

    RE0628 - TLC Estate Home, w/nice yard & good bones, Crown Point, NY

    RE0629 - Mixed Use Property.  Home, general store, apartment and barns, North Hudson, NY




   LF0101 - SOLD, Brant Lakefront Home w/3 bedrooms, Horicon, NY

    LF0102 - SOLD, almost touches the water, grandfathered that close to the lake, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0103 - SOLD, 141' l/f with lots of bedrooms, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0105 - SOLD, 95' l/f contemporary village home, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0108 - W/D, owner sold Manhattan Pen house instead, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0111 - W/D, in need of some repairs, but great area on non-motorized Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LF0112 - W/D, 6 acres lakefront wetland shoreline with fix-it cabin, Horicon, NY

    LF0113 - SOLD, upscale timber frame home on Rainbow Lake, NY

    LF0114 - SOLD, lakefront ranch home on the shores of Chateauguay, NY

    LF0117 - W/D, rental lakefront cabin on Mirror Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

    LF0118 - SOLD, Big Brook waterfront leads to Indian Lake by boat, Indian Lake, NY

    LF0121 - SOLD - lakefront log home on 4+ acres (broker/owner), Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0122 - SOLD, older home on Lake Julia, Newcomb, NY

    LF0123 - SOLD - mansion beauty on Lake George, the BEST Lake George has to offer! Putnam, NY

    LF0124 - W/D, on the shores of Schroon Lake with acreage, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0125 - W/D off grid lakefront on Lake Placid (broker owned) Lake Placid, NY

    LF0126 - SOLD - two waterfront adjoining lots, boat access only, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0127 - RENTED, downtown lakefront home, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0130 - SOLD, hilltop lakefront home on Schroon Lake, Horicon, NY

    LF0131 - SOLD, two log homes on the shores of Lake Champlain, Crown Point, NY

    LF0132 - SOLD, upscale lot home with lots of frontage on beautiful Schroon Lake, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0133 - SOLD, romance is in the air at Chateauguay Lake, NY

    LF0135 - SOLD, log home on the shores of Lake Champlain, Crown Point, NY

    LF0136 - SOLD, estate sale, tutor lakefront home on the shores of Schroon Lake, Horicon, NY

    LF0137 - off market - eight acres on Lake Champlain (garage included) bordered by state land, Crown Point, NY

    LF0140 - SOLD, land on Hinckley Reservoir, Ohio, NY

    LF0141 - SOLD, vintage home with Lake Champlain across road, Willsboro, NY

    LF0142 - SOLD - lakefront ranch on the shores of Lake Champlain, Chazy, NY

    LF0143 - SOLD, campy camp on the shores of Cranberry Lake, NY

    LF0144 - W/D, Camp on the shores of Lake Champlain, Moriah, NY

    LF0147 - Off market - Cedar Knoll Log Home Rainbow Lake, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2,600 s/f with lots of amenities, Rainbow Lake, NY

    LF0148 - SOLD -Lake Placid Boat House, marvelous opportunity for 6,000 "Great Camp" with guest house & garage, Lake Placid, NY

    LF0149 - SOLD, Camp on Loon Lake, Chestertown, NY

    LF0151 - SOLD - Oxbow Lake camp, 70' shoreline, cute little camp, Arietta, NY

    LF0152 - SOLD, Home on Oxbow Lake, Arietta, NY

    LF0153-  SOLD - Lake Evergreen, lots of sandy shore, non-motorized lake, Piseco, NY

    LF0156 - off market - Lake Alqonquin craftsmanship lakefront home and guest cottage, Wells, NY

    LF0157 - SOLD,  Sacandaga Lake, move-in condition, yr home

    LF0158 - SOLD - Lake Placid Compound, Boat House & Main Home, Lake Placid, NY

    LF0159 - SOLD - Cabins on Long Lake, NY

    LF0161 - SOLD - Bungalow on the shores of Evergreen Lake, a non-motorized lake, Piseco, NY

    LF0162 - W/D, architecturally designed home on the shores of Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0164 - W/D, land on Hinckley Reservoirs, Ohio, NY

    LF0165 - W/D-, Contemporary YR home w/LOTS of decks on the westerly shores of Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0166 - SOLD, vintage home on Oxbow Lake, Arietta, NY

    LF0167 - SOLD, Grandma's camp, two bedrooms, 1 bath, 60' shoreline across street, Horicon, NY

    LF0168 - SOLD, luxury gem of the Adirondacks with its own motorized lake, Jay, NY

    LF0169 - SOLD, Lakefront Town Home on Tripp Lake, Warrensburg, NY

    LF0170 - off market - Adirondack Traditional Lakefront Camp on Piseco Lake, Speculator, NY

    LF0171 - off market - Lakefront Building Lot on Algonquin Lake, Wells, NY

    LF0172 - Lakefront camp on Alqonquin Lake, Wells, NY

    LF0173 - SOLD, newly renovated contemporary home on the shores of Augur Lake with NO public access, Chesterfield, NY

    LF0175 - Upscale party home on Mountain View Lake, Mountain View, NY

    LF0177 - SOLD, Historical Lakefront Home, Lake Pleasant, NY

    LF0178 - W/D, lake home on Lake Alqonquin, Wells, NY

    LF0179 - off market - Adirondack Cottage nestled under the quiet pines on Lake Alqonquin, Wells, NY

    LF0180 - SOLD - Augur Lakefront land investment, Chesterfield, NY

    LF0181 - off market- The Great Sacandaga lakefront home, Edinburg, NY

    LF0182 - W/D, magnificent views on Piesco Lake, Piseco, NY

    LF0183 - SOLD - Artist home with small beach on Paradox Lake, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0184 - SOLD, unobstructed views of Piseco Lake, Piseco, NY

    LF9186 - SOLD - Serene and private lakefront camp on Kelm Lake, Warrensburg, NY

    LF0188 - W/D, raised range on Sacandaga Lake (not to be confused with the Great Sacandaga), Lake Pleasant, NY

    LF0189 - SOLD, 19+ acres on Augur Lake, no public access, Chesterfield, NY

    LF0190 - SOLD - land only ready to built, lots of shoreline on Champlain, Crown Point, NY

    LF0194 - SOLD - Delightful Stone home with awesome waterfront on motorized Piseco Lake, Piseco, NY

    LF0195 - W/D - Lakefront on non-motorized Charley Lake, Wells, NY

    LF0196 - W/D, German quality lakefront home w/guest cottage on Lake Algonquin, Wells, NY

    LF0197 - SOLD, two lakes for the price of one (Oxbow and Piseco), Piseco, NY

    LF0198 - W/D, Camp Daisy, on the shores of Lake Piseco, NY

    LF0200 - SOLD, Adirondack Great Camp on the shores of Lake Placid, Lake Placid, NY

    LF0201 - SOLD, land on Lincoln Pond (really a lake motorized), Elizabethtown, NY

    LF0202 - SOLD, land on Lincoln Pond (really a lake motorized), Elizabethtown, NY

    LF0203 - SOLD, honeymoon cabin with small footprint on the shores of Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0219 - SOLD - Stone Mill & Log Timber lakefront home, upscale home with everything, Horicon, NY 

    LF0219a  SOLD - Neighboring lakefront marsh property w/cabin, Horicon, NY

    LF0283 - W/D - Land on Charley Lake (restricted motorized), Wells, NY

    LF0284 - SOLD - Vintage home, so close to the shore, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0285 - W/D - Fern Lake cabin, small but does the trick, Blackbrook, NY

    LF0288 - W/D - Home w/cabins on the shores of Lake Champlain, Essex, NY

    LF0289 - Off Market - Adirondack Camp with nice garage on the shores of Goodnow Flow, Newcomb, NY

    LF0290 - SOLD - Lakefront land, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0290a-SOLD - lakefront new built awaiting your approval, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0294 - SOLD - Off Grid on Johnson Pond, cabin/garage, North Hudson, NH

    LF0295 - Assorted parcels and island on Lake Champlain, the well know Fort Montgomery is now available.  One in a lifetime opportunity.

                     Presentation - flip chart   Video - YouTube tm

    LF0296 - Off market - K.I.S.S. cottage but can expand its footprint, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0298 - SOLD - Vintage gramp's home needs some work but worth it for the land and shore on Sherman Lake, Warrensburg, NY

    LF0301 - SOLD, lakefront on quite Antler Lake, Johnsburg, NY

    LF0302 - SOLD - Lakefront camp on the shores of Lake Champlain, Chesterfield, NY 

    LF0303 - Off Market - Lakefront land on the shores of Augur Lake, Chesterfield, NY

    LF0304 - SOLD, Lakefront camp on Goodnow Flow, Newcomb, NY

    LF0308 - SOLD - Lakefront home with acreage, Indian Lake, NY

    LF0309 - SOLD -Lakefront complex on the shores of Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY,  Gallery IGallery II

    LF0311 - W/D - "Off Grid" and quiet camp on Lincoln Pond/Lake, New Russia, NY

    LF0312 - Off market - "On Bullet Pond" quiet camp, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0313 - SOLD - Executive Lakefront Log Home on Rainbow Lake, NY

    LF0314 - SOLD - 17 Acres with  1,900' of shoreline, family complex, North Hudson, NY  Gallery,  Video

    LF0315 - SOLD - Lake Champlain Island For sale, Moriah, Video

    LF0316 - SOLD - "The Pointe" Luxury Adirondack Lakefront Home, Schroon Lake, NY   Gallery, Video, YouTube™

    LF0318 - SOLD - Cute camp on Eagle Pond, Duane, NY

    LF0319 - SOLD - Lakefront YR Home on Eagle Pond, Duane, NY

    AU0145 -SOLD - 14th Island Camp for sale, Bolton NY

    LF0320 - SOLD - Lakefront Lot on Rainbow Lake NY

    LF0322 - SOLD - 10+ acres old motel/cabin complex with Hamlet zoning, Schroon Lake, NY




    LR0101 - SOLD, lake-rights to Lake George, Hague, NY

    LR0102 - SOLD, Tripp Lake Condo, Warrensburg, NY

    LR0103 - SOLD, lake right's home on the easterly shores of Schroon Lake, Horicon, NY

    LR0104 - SOLD, custom home in Mill Creek, with great views, Horicon, NY

    LR0106 - SOLD, Blue Sky Estate and their gorgeous beach, Horicon, NY

    LR0107 - SOLD, Blue Sky Estate, Alpine style home, Horicon, NY

    LR0108 - SOLD, large family home to enjoy Skylark Beach (35 members), Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0110 - SOLD, Scrimshaw Estate, contemporary new home with rights to Lake George, NY

    LR0111 - SOLD, contemporary home in Brant Lake Heights, Horicon, NY

    LR0112 - SOLD, Brookhill condo and enjoy Lake Placid shores, Lake Placid, NY

    LR0114 - SOLD, Blue Sky Estate home, contemporary and gorgeous, Horicon, NY

    LR0115 - SOLD, executive lake-rights home w/dock waiting for you, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0116 - SOLD, vintage home sharing Brant Lake beaches, Horicon, NY

    LR0117 - SOLD, Burzee Cedar Association Camp, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0118 - SOLD, cabin in the woods but has a private access to the shores of Lake George, Ticonderoga, NY

    LR0119 - SOLD, upscale home with rights to Lake George, Bolton Landing, NY

    LR0120 - RENTED, nice family home with access to the shores of Lake Champlain across the road, Westport, NY

    LR0121 - SOLD - luxury lake rights home with gorgeous lake and mountain views (both Gore & Whiteface), Horicon, NY

    LR0222 - SOLD, High Rock on Garnet Lake, North River, NY

    LR0224 - SOLD, yr home/camp to share the shores of Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY

    LR0225 - SOLD, mobile home in Buena Vista on Willsboro Bay, NY

    LR0227 - SOLD, yr lovely home on the stream leading to Lake Pleasant, Lake Pleasant, NY

    LR0228 - SOLD, modern contemporary home in Brant Lake Heights, Horicon, NY

    LR0230 - SOLD, little cute camp on non motorized Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0231 - SOLD - older trailer for fixing, remodeling, or replacement in Buena Vista on Willsboro Bay, NY

    LR0232 - SOLD, Tripp Lake Condo, two bedroom, Warrensburg, NY

    LR0233 - W/D, Chalet with rights to enjoy Lake Pleasant, Speculator, NY

    LR0234 - RENTED, 4 Season Ranch, close to snowmobile, deeded docking & beach, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0235 - SOLD, Buena Vista mobile clean home, enjoy three beaches on Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY

    LR0236 - SOLD, another Buena Vista mobile clean home, enjoy three beaches on Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY

    LR0237 - W/D two lots with access to Friends Lake, Chestertown,  NY

    LR0239 - SOLD, log cabin bordering state land on Lewey Lake, Indian Lake, NY

    LR0240 - W/D, Affordable single wide in Buena Vista on Lake Champlain, Beach rights, Willsboro, NY

    LR0242 - Off Market - Well Cared For Home with lake rights to Lake Pleasant, Speculator, NY

    LR0243 - SOLD - Cabin on non-motorized Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0244 - Off Market -Camp on non-motorized Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0245 - Off Market - Camp lakeside on Motorized Piseco Lake, NY

    LR0246 - SOLD - Camp lakeside on Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0251 - SOLD, take off your sandals and no worries, Buena Vista Mobile, Willsboro, NY

    LR0264 - SOLD - Condo on Tripp Lake, Chestertown, NY

    LR0267 - Off Market - Lovely Little Ranch, Caroga Lake, NY

    LR0268 - SOLD, new built contemporary home on Friends Lake, Chestertown, NY

    LR0269 - W/D, starter camp in Boni Bay Trailer Park on the shores of Piseco Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0270 - W/D, all sports Lake Algonquin, lake right's ranch home, Wells, NY

    LR0271 - SOLD, starter camp on leased land, Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0272 - SOLD, bungalow on Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0273 - SOLD, Executive lake right's home, Adirondack, NY

    LR0274 - SOLD - Village meticulous care-for home in the village, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0275 - W/D, Modular Camp on Evergreen Lake (non-motorized) Piseco, NY

    LR0276 - W/D, all tucked in with access to Lake Pleasant, NY

    LR0277 - W/D, cottage on Evergreen Lake (non-motorized), Piseco, NY

    LR0278 - SOLD, leased camp on Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0279 - SOLD - lake rights camp, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0280 - SOLD - Modular Camp on Evergreen Lake (non-motorized) Piseco, NY

    LR0281 - W/D, Lake-right's village home on Whitney Beach, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0282 - W/D, Log Home w/views and great rental  history, 5 bedrooms, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0283 - SOLD, original chestnut log home with rights to Glenwood Lake, Warick, NY

    LR0286 - SOLD, camp on leased land on Evergreen Lake, Piseco, NY

    LR0287 - SOLD, Blue Sky Estate Log Home, Horicon, NY

    LR0288 - W/D, Lake-Right's Adirondack Adorable Camp, Caroga Lake, NY

    LR0289 - SOLD - The Landings Town Home, end unit with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0290 - SOLD - Three Bear's Lake-Right's Log Home, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0291 - SOLD - Lake-Right's Log Home, Lake George, NY

    LR0292 - SOLD - Lake-Right's Period Historical Home, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0293 - SOLD - Lake-Right's home in Buena Vista, Willsboro, NY 

    LR0294 - SOLD- Lake-Right's home in Buena Vista, Willsboro, NY

    LR0300 - SOLD - Three Bear's Lake-Rights Home, Schroon Lake, NY 

    LR0301 - SOLD - Scenic lake-rights lot in exclusive Mill Creek, Horicon, NY

    LR0303 - SOLD - Porter Estate Shared Lakefront Home, Adirondack, NY

    LR0304 - Off Market - Buena Vista YR Home, Willsboro NY

    LR0306 - SOLD - Handyman/woman Special on the shores of Lake Champlain, Crown Point, NY

    LR0310 - SOLD - YR home on the shores of Lake Champlain, Crown Point, NY  Video

    LR0311 - SOLD - Timeshare on Lake George

    LR0312 - SOLD - Lake rights to Fourth Lake, Lake Luzerne

    LR0322 - SOLD - Buena Vista Home/Camp on Lake Champlain





    PD0001 - SOLD, Log home off the grid with its own pond and 100+ acres bordered by state land, North Hudson, NY

    PD0002 - SOLD, home on Faxon Pond, Chestertown, NY

    PD0004 - SOLD, vintage home w/kennel and pond, Lewis, NY

    PD0006 - SOLD - pond front lodge, 11 bedrooms, Mountain View Lodge, Morehouse, NY

    PD0007 - SOLD, set of cabins on its own pond, Hoffmeister, NY

    PD0009 - Off market - no log kit here, log home on stream and small man-made pond, Schroon Lake, NY

    PD0010a - Off market - waterfront chalet on Long Pond, Willsboro, NY

    PD0011 - SOLD - 102+ acre Executive Farmhouse adjoining thousands of state land, North Hudson, NY

    PD0014 - SOLD - Own your own pond, well fed by Alderbrook, 3 bedroom home, Bolton NY

    RE0553 - SOLD - Name your own pond, family compound   Gallery I, Gallery II, Video I, Video II





     RT0501 - RENTED - Lake Pleasant Cottage

     RT0403 - RENTED - Commercial Rental, Ausable Forks, NY

     RT2014 - RENTED - Willsboro Bay Cottage, Willsboro, NY




    RF0101 - SOLD, Riverfront cottage on the shores of the river, Schroon Lake, NY

    RF0102 - SOLD, historical stone home on Saranac River and 44 acres, Saranac, NY

    RF0103 - Classic home on the river, lg. original home w/carriage house, formal gardens, B&B operation, Schroon Lake, NY (gallery)

    RF0104 - SOLD, Two camps on the Sacandaga River, Wells NY

    RF0105 - W/D, camp on Schroon River deep in the woods, Schroon Lake, NY

    RF0107 - SOLD, upscale home on Ausable River Tributary, Keene, NY

    RF0108 - SOLD, Historical Fire Warden's Camp surrounded by state land on St. Regis River, Waverly, NY

    RF0109 - SOLD, little camp with the big feel of the Boquet River, North Hudson, NY

    RF0112 - SOLD, off the grid and totally surrounded by state land, Minerva, NY

    RF0113 - W/D, upscale home with nice babbling stream, Lewis, NY

    RF0114 - SOLD, Rocky Mountain Log home on rushing (really rushing) Trout Brook, Minerva, NY

    RF0115 - SOLD, home on the Hudson River, North Creek, NY

    RF0116 - SOLD - Upscale yr home on Schroon River, hidden from traffic view, North Hudson, NY

    RF0117 - W/D, Chateaugay Riverfront Camp, Chateaugay, NY

    RF0118 - SOLD, camp at the Falls on Putnam Creek, Crown Point, NY

    RF0119 - SOLD, log home on the side of Cedar River,  Indian Lake, NY

    RF0120 - SOLD, vintage home on the shores of the mighty Hudson River, Thurman, NY

    RF0121 - SOLD, two seasonal camps - campground type, on Paradox Stream (leads into the Lake), Paradox/Schroon Lake, NY

    RF0123 - SOLD, Deer River Flow Farm home house on 95 acres bordering State Land, Duane, NY 

    RF0124 - W/D, Historical Duplex on Saranac River, Riverview, NY

    RF0125 - SOLD, Contemporary home on Schroon River, North Hudson, NY

    RF0126 - SOLD - Off Grid Camp on South Creek, Pitcairn, NY

    RF0127 - SOLD - Off Grid land w/sleeping shed, Pitcairn, NY

    RF0129 - OFF MARKET - Ranch hidden in the woods w/riverfront lot, North Hudson, NY

    RF0130 - SOLD - Lincoln Log Seasonal home on the creek, North Hudson, NY

    RF0131 - SOLD - YR Riverfront Home, North Hudson, NY

    AC0492 - SOLD - Riverfrontage on the Oswegatchie River and bordering state land, Pitcairn, NY

    RF0132 - SOLD - YR Cape Cod home with five bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, North Hudson, NY

    RF0134 - OFF MARKET - YR Home w/3 bedrooms on the beaches of Schroon River, Chestertown NY (Gallery)

    RF0135 - SOLD - YR Log home on Schroon River, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 acres, Schroon Lake NY





    RR0001 - SOLD, little log home with river rights on the Hudson River, Corinth, NY

    RR0101 - SOLD - 9+ acres with river rights on Schroon River (boatable to the lake), Horicon, NY

















TIMESHARE RESALES - own a piece rather than the whole





   YouTube - presentation of ALL ACHR's Video Line UP

   Video Blogs - from ACHR


   AC0457 -  Large Acreage with Camp, Hampton, NY or You Tube™

   AC0458 -  Adirondack Address!  Surveyed & cleared, Adirondack, NY or You Tube™

   AC0465 -  Adirondack Farm Land with LOTS of infrastructure, Waverly, NY or You Tube™

   AC0470-AC0479 - Design your own lot, Moriah, NY, NY or You Tube™

   CO0248 -  Adirondack Village Motel for Sale, Schroon Lake, NY, or You Tube™

   CO0255 - Mixed Use (commercial/apartments) at "red light" location, Warrensburg or You Tube™

   RE0329 -  Adirondack Country Log Home Kit

   RE0482 -  Wilderness Camp, Schroon Lake or You Tube™

   RE0488 -  Vintage Home, Chestertown, NY or tour by broker

   LF0302  -  Lake Champlain Chalet, Chesterfield, NY or You Tube™

   LF0303  -  Augur Lakefront land for Sale, Chesterfield, NY or You Tube™

   LR0281 -  Lake-right's village home, Schroon Lake, NY or You Tube™

   LR0289 -  Lake-rights town home, Schroon Lake, NY or You Tube™

   LR0291 -  Beach Right's Log Home, Lake George, NY or You Tube™

   LR0293 -  Lakeright's home in Buena Vista on the shores of Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY or You Tube™

   LR0294 -  Lakeright's home in Buena Vista on the shores of Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY or You Tube™

   LF0295 -  Historical Fort Montgomery for Sale, Rouses Point, NY

  PD0011 -  Country Executive Home on private ponds, North Hudson, NY, or You Tube™

   RE0329 -  Adirondack Country Log Home Kit

  RE0451 -  Camp bordering state land, Schroon Lake, NY or You Tube™ and Bumble Pond

   RE0454 -  Adirondack Log Home, North Hudson, NY or You Tube™

   RE0464 -  Adirondack Historical Home, Elizabethtown, NY or You Tube™

   RE0475 -  W/D - Charming Cape Cod Style Home, Hudson Falls,  NY or You Tube™

   RE0486 -  Craftsman Home in the Woods, Chestertown, NY or You Tube™

   RE0487 -  Newer Farm House w/barn and 12 acres, Burke, NY or You Tube™

   RE0488 -  Work at Home Home, Chestertown, NY or You Tube™

   RE0489 -  Farm house with 103+ acres, Gouverneur, NY or You Tube™

   RE0493 -  Palmer Pond Overlook, North Hudson, NY or You Tube™

   RE0494 -  Historical 143 farm with farmhouse & barns, Whitehall, NY or You Tube™

   RE0495 -  Off Market - Spacious Home, Elizabethtown, NY or You Tube™

   RE0496 -  Historical Victorian Home, Bangor, NY or You Tube™

   RE0498 -  Lincoln Pond Overlook, Elizabethtown, NY or You Tube™

   RE0501 -  Adirondack Oasis Estate, Lake Champlain region, NY or You Tube™ or FlowPlayer™ Streaming

   RE0503 -  "Outskirt" Village Home, Lake George, or You Tube™

   RE0504 -  A Home with a Terrific Lake View, Moriah, NY or or You Tube™

   RF0103 -  Adirondack Historical Luxury Home, Schroon Lake, NY or You Tube™

   RF0123 -  Deer River Flow Farm House, Duane, NY or You Tube™

   RF0126 -  South Creek "off grid" camp, Pitcairn, or You Tube™

   RF0127 Oswegatchie River "off grid" camp, Pitcairn, or You Tube™

   RE0501 -  Adirondack Oasis Estate, Lake Champlain region, NY, or You Tube™

   RE0504 -  Ranch Home overlooking Lake Champlain, Moriah, NY or You Tube™

   RE0503 - Off market "Outskirt" Village Home, Lake George, or You Tube™

   RE0505 - SOLD - Stone home for sale, Ticonderoga, NY or You Tube™

   RE0508 - B&B Home for Sale, Schroon Lake, NY or You Tube™

   RE0563 - Hoffman Notch Wilderness Home - Minerva or You Tube™

   RE0586 - Camp with acreage, Thurman NY You Tube™




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   North Lake Champlain Region  - YouTubetm collections around Cadyville, Champlain, Chazy, Mooers, Rouses Point.

   Old Forge Region  - YouTubetm collections around Inlet, McKeevers, Raquette Lake and Old Forge.

   Plattsburg Region  - YouTubetm collections around Saranac, Morrisonville, Peru, Schyler Falls and Plattsburgh

   St. Lawrence Region - YouTubetm collections (including Gouverneur, Hopkinton, Cranberry Lake, Pitcairn)

   Sacandaga Region - YouTubetm collections around Broadalbin, Day, Edinburg, Northville, Mayfield.

   Saranac Lake Region - YouTubetm collections around Saranac Lake, NY

   Saranac Region - YouTubetm collections around Saranac, NY (including Clayburg, Lyon Mountain, Dannemora and Redford NY)

   Saratoga Region - YouTubetm collections around Saratoga Lake, NY (including Stillwater, Galway, Hadley, Lake Luzerne)

  Schroon Lake - YouTubetm collections around Schroon Lake, NY (incl. hamlets of Severance)

   Speculator Region - YouTubetm collections around Speculator, Lake Pleasant, Wells NY (incl. Morehouse, Areitta and hamlets of Gilmantown)

   Star Lake Region - YouTubetm collections around Star Lake (incl. Oswegatchie, Newton Falls, Fine, Harrisville and Pitcairn)

   Ticonderoga - YouTubetm collections around Ticonderoga, NY

   Tug Hill - YouTubetm collections around Tug Hill Region

   Tupper Lake - YouTubetm collections around Tupper Lake, NY

   Warrensburg - YouTubetm collections around Warrensburg Region, NY

   Washington County - YouTubetm collections around the Washington County Region, NY

   Westport/Essex - YouTubetm collections around Westport and Essex, NY

   Whitehall - YouTubetm collections around Whitehall, NY

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