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At ACHR, our Buyer Agency Services are FREE to qualified Buyers. 

What is Buyer Agent?



We believe that an educated buyer is a smarter buyer!


When making a home purchase, you are in many cases making the largest single investment in your life.  Do you want to make that investment knowing that the selling broker, as well as the broker that is showing the property to you is representing both the SELLER'S INTEREST?


Did you know that when you simply walk into a real estate office and say "I'd like to see such and such properties" that you are only a CUSTOMER? That Broker still remains an agent for the SELLER, NOT YOU. 


Agents can represent either the seller or the buyer (or both under some circumstances).  If you are buying, we prefer to represent you directly, as your Buyer's Agent, or Exclusive Buyer's Agent.  Your interests become our interest.  We are dedicated to negotiating the best deal on the property you are interested in, and are acting on your behalf.  In short, we are LOYAL TO YOU!


Simply put - A seller's agent represents the seller.  A buyer's agent represents the buyer. 


All it takes for that agent to become your buyer's agent is to check off a different box on the disclosure form.   That's it!  From that point on, that agent is your agent for all MLS offerings; i.e. your buyer's agent.* 


Whatever services you choose from ACHR, we will take the time to explain all of the various options you have, whether you are a Buyer or a Seller.   If you are relocating from a different area, do check out our helpful relocation tools (click here) or ask any of our agents.  Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. is here to make sure that your purchase or sale of Real Estate is a pleasant and rewarding experience. 




If I ask a Real Estate Agent to show me properties, is the Agent working for me?


NO! Normally the Agent is working for the SELLER, NOT THE BUYER!  In many situations with two agents handling a deal, they BOTH represent the Seller!  In order that the Agent works for YOU (the BUYER) you need to make the proper arrangements! 


How can I receive Buyer Agency Services or Exclusive Buyer Agency Services?













All it takes for that agent to become your buyer's agent is to check off a different box on the disclosure form.   That's it!  From that point on, that agent is your agent for all MLS offerings; i.e. your buyer's agent.*

At Adirondack Country Homes Realty, we also offer "Exclusive Buyer Agent Services."  Your Exclusive Buyer Agent is held to a higher standard for you, and works ONLY for you.  They are contracted to perform real estate duties, scout out homes, properties and/or businesses that meet your personal criteria, contact agencies on your behalf, photograph properties in your absence, etc. ... all on your behalf.  This service is certainly beneficial for our long-distance purchasers who can not drive up every weekend to check out a property; or their lifestyle is such that they simply don't have the time scout out real estate.   Many executives find this service a necessity, rather than a choice.  At ACHR, Exclusive Buyer Agent Services are still FREE!

Think of this, would you like a group lesson, or private lesson?  An Exclusive Buyer Agent is your private real estate agent and gives you more time to spend with the family.  Let our agents burden the many tasks of finding that 'special' investment for you.  This services is a 'must' for celebrities and CEO's who need privacy and full service!

 *  Buyer agency services provided for ACHR listed properties, will require the approval of the seller of that property.  An ACHR agent can be assigned as a designated agent only with the approval of the seller.  Please contact us to explain how this can work for your particular needs.



Simple & Effective Wise Hints



A Buyer's Agent can't stress enough to come to the negotiating table with a simple pre-qualification letter.  It's easy and quick and the Internet is full of sites that offer FREE qualification letters.  A prequalification letter puts you in a stronger negotiating position when you present an offer; and also protects the family's budget. 


The typical contract includes contingencies of: 


  • Building Inspection  (a building inspection can be from $300 to $800 depending on your needs.)

  • Legal Review   (Attorney fee can be from $700 to $1400 if no complications arise.)

  • Mortgage Contingency  (mortgage application fees will include an appraisal fee, and other fees required from the bank.)


So, if you aren't qualified, you can expect to pay out some of these fees out-of-pocket before the bank gets to report "Dear Mr./Mrs., your credit mortgage line based on your credit and current expenses is $150,000."    What happens if the home you decided to purchase is $229,000?  Those out-of-pocket fees are spent, gone, vanished and you'll have to start the process over again with a new budget range. 

Be wiser, and start your real estate prospecting with a Buyer Agent and a Pre-Qual letter from a lender.   Your Buyer's Agent will better be on track for your budget needs; and your pre-qual letter have some power behind any offer you finally present.



Check that credit rating 


You can get it FREE once a year at  It is painless and very informative.   To take advantage of the best mortgage rates, requires good credit.   Perhaps, there is an easy fix from a lender's issue.    Small adjustments to your credit can make the a major score on your credit score and a significant interest point adjustment on your future mortgage.


Proverb Wisdom ...

Its alright to have butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation.  Dr. Rob Gilbert