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"Arm Chair" Selling Program



Calling all New York Colleagues that are not in our 5 MLS systems!


We know you are busy seven days a week, so we'd like to help.  Sign up for our "Arm Chair" Selling Program and start opening up new marketing territory for you, and/or your firm.   Earn more sale's commissions.  No need to be a MLS members*.  For any of ACHR's listed properties, we will do the showing for you (FREE) while respecting your client privileges of course.    No need for you to travel and spend gas money.  Enjoy selling properties from your arm chair!   ACHR will co-broke at the posted MLS rates.  We don't discount just because you aren't a member of our MLS's!


FREE showings* and FULL MLS co-broke rewards.  Does it get any better?


Sign up for our "Arm Chair Selling Program" and you can start marketing the Adirondacks.  Did you know that the Adirondacks was the birthplace of the 1st American vacation destination?  Some coin the Adirondacks, the "Central Park for the World".   We proudly present a full concierge site to assist you, and your client's navigation to the Adirondack Park (6 million acres plus of marketing territory!)  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Let's get started with some synergy.



* Free showings apply to only ACHR active listings for our non-mls colleagues.   For all other NY listed properties, please refer to our Referral Program.   Brokers are invited to participate with marketing our listed properties on their web sites (inquire below).




"By sharing, we better our world."  Adirondack Country Homes Realty and our owners thank you for assisting them in the sale of their property. D. March, Broker



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