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Synergy Partners & Products

We are proud to bring you our partners of success.   Without our valuable partners, Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. won't be able to provide the great services we strive to deliver to our customers and clients.    We work with our synergy partners almost on a daily basis and continue to search out other partners that can be of assistance to you.  By sharing, we better the world!   We share our sandbox!  (Click on any company name to learn more.)

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Ambit Energy

Get started on instant savings on your energy!   Within 10 minutes you'll on your path to savings!   No obligation, no long term commitments.   


You can get your energy supply FREE.  Not too good to be true!   We checked it out already and took the plunge.   ACHR  wanted to share the exciting opportunities with all our viewers.


Ambit Energy




Legal Shield

Affordable pre-paid legal assistance!  Don't leave home without it.


We all know legal expenses are high!   When ACHR learned about this program, it signed up.  Legal insurance -- what will they think of next?   We've already used this service once and it was great!   So we immediately signed up as a consultant to help others.   Have you got stung once like us?  Don't be unprepared the next time.  Only $13.95/mth!  (They even have identity theft protection, more affordable than the TV advertised folks!)


Legal Shield

Disclosure:  Yes, these products and services below do result in direct remuneration to ACHR.  ACHR reviewed their products carefully before using their products and joining them as consultants.   ACHR is open to other products AND ideas, as long as it passes our criteria (i.e., can it actually help our customers and clients; we are very protective for them).   All revenues will be directed back into offering more opportunities for others who are seeking out their real estate dreams.   We invite the public to join us.  Our motto, "'by sharing, we better the world."