LegalShieldsm mission is to make the phrase "Justice for All" a reality


For a low monthly fee, our members have access to the legal system, something they can use for every day life events and even serious legal issues.   It's our business to help Americans have access to quality legal services so when they are faced with issues they don't have to wonder what to do; instead, they simply pick up their phones and make a toll-free call to their designated Law Firm.  Imagine, your own personal law firm just a dial tone away ... that is a great feeling of safety and empowerment.


Know your rights, no matter how traumatic or trivial the issue!  With LegalShield sm

you and your family can live your life worry-free every day and every night.  Issues like ...

  • Real estate purchase, refinance, foreclosure or tenant/landlord issues

  • Consumer Finance - collections, warranties, guarantees or other contracts

  • Family law - divorce, child support, child custody

  • Estate planning - will, living wills and power of attorney

  • Employment issues

  • Mortgage consultation including loan modification, foreclosures, work-outs, short sales and explanation of Hope for Homeowners Act

  • Bankruptcy advice and advice on lawsuits filed by aggressive collection agencies

  • Traffic Issues and more ....

...  your dog bites a passerby; you are called to jury duty; your teenager get a speeding ticket; merchant refuses to honor a guarantee; change your name; driver's license suspended; boat is damaged in storage; lose an expensive watch in a hotel and manager claims no liability. 


LegalShieldsm -  members get 24/7 legal support to answer ALL their legal concerns. 

LegalShieldsm -  members get deep discounts on defense services.

LegalShieldsm -  also provides a Top Shelf Identify Theft Program




Darleen March



Identify Theft is America's fastest growing CRIME


LegalShield sm offers a "Top Shelf" Identity Theft Pro-tection Plan that is risk free with month-to-month and opt-out after 30 days.  Business and family plans available.   


You think Identity Theft can't happen to you?  


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   Put a legal umbrella over each area of your life today and rest tomorrow!              

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