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How Much Is My Property Worth? 

What's a CMA?  What is a BPO?  Do I Need a BPO or CMA or Appraisal?

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Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. provides full Comparative Market Analysis (CMA, a $99 dollar value) with all its properties listed.  This study is to help to gauge the value of your home in today's current market.   Our Professionals will help you understand the lows and highs of your property's value in today's market place.   Every home tells a story, and we'll listen to yours.   A CMA is advisable to have if you are planning your estate, gifting or donating your property, or planning on selling your property on your own (FSBO).  Our fees are $99 for a full evaluation of your property.   However, when you list your property in the care of Adirondack Country Homes (ACHR), our CMA fee is waived. 


We also offer BPO's (Broker Price Opinions, a $49 value) which are limited evaluations.   BPO's are helpful to determine if the timing is right to sell and determines the general sale's value of your property.  Sometimes, it just isn't a good time to sell.  A BPO study helps you decide whether to go forward with placing your property on the market, or not.


ACHR also has an NY certified Appraiser on staff.  If you truly want to insure that your home will be carried by the bank loan process, we highly recommend getting a full appraisal done on  your property prior to selling.   While a CMA  studies captures the market trends; an appraisal captures what the bank will actually loan against the property.  Often the CMA and the appraisal do not agree.   Sellers want more, and buyers may agree; but the bank may have other ideas of the property value.  Check out our appraiser (click here).    


Our ACHR Agents are pleased to be able to assist you in evaluating your property when the time is right for you.  Whether it be for estate planning, FSBO selling, or listing with ACHR, our listing services are extensive (click here to learn more).