Spruce It Up ... Patch It Up



House staging needn't be an expensive proposition. 

Here are some building blocks of ideas, patch ups, and what not's.  We invite you to contribute!


House Makeover Tips - Curb AppealDrive-by Appeal!

Many buyers may wish to view 10 to 12 homes during their visit; but we all know the days aren't that long to complete this task.  This means some homes will be considered as priority and others not.  

Put your very best photo out there first, so your home is the one that stands out and you don't become one of the drive-by choices!  Even if you come in second for a drive-by, keep the exterior attractive to entice the buyers to return next time.

Remove the old car(s) from the driveway, get the kids toys in the garage, manicure the hedges, mow the lawn, and add some flowers.  Remove, or fix, the leaning broken fence.  Decorate the porch to be inviting, and not let the porch be an extra storage room.  Got a broken window?  Time to fix it!  First impressions do count!


Instant Face Lift

Try moving your furniture around and shaking things up a bit.  This will help you shake stuff out of the house as you look at your decor from a different perspective.  It might be time to get rid of that dried flower arrangement, or that childhood pictures.  Our homes are our personal surroundings and we forget what it might look like from a selling point. Folks don't care about our personal likes and dislikes.  So a scramble might get you to thinking of what would Martha Stewart do.  Think model home.

Let your Enthusiasm Show!  Shine up those mirrors, organize those linen closets, dust off the book shelves.  Winter showings should include a warm fire in the fireplace.  A late evening showing, show off the candles and warm up the house with romance.  Remember the excitement you had when you purchased your home?  Refresh the same thoughts!

Spring Clean NOW! 

No matter what the season, it always wise to get to the spring cleaning when you put your house on the market.  Sparkle those tubs, wax those floors, shampoo the carpets, put away the clutter, organize the draws, and get that kitty litter out of site. 

Showing a prospective buyer that your home is well groomed, only reflects to them that the entire houses has been well maintained.  Disorganized and unclean homes, gets buyer thinking if there are other issues lurking underneath the surface.  Dispels those fears, and do a spring cleaning NOW.

Got a Little Budget?

  • We all had old comfortable sofas that we treasured, but you are going to save your sofa replacement funds for the new home.  Think about simple slip covers and matching curtains to tie in the old decor.  If you are crafty, simple satin trims on the old bed linens can make them look luxurious once again, a new shade for the old lamp, or pick up a table dressings to cover an old boring table. Simple dollar store updates can help a lot.
  • Cheer up a room with a new color, and replace those 70's light covers with newer styling from the clearance rack. Enhance features of the home with lighting.
  • Consider removing excess religious artifacts, or excessive sport paraphernalia and keep the home looking 'neutral' for sellers.  Keep those banners and trophies to the family room.  Get that art studio organized; or if its your bedroom doubling as an office, organize it and tidy it.  (or preferably think about taking that bedroom and only making it a bedroom and find another office niche in the home.)
  • Kitchen makeovers can be expensive; but think about a small theme change.  If you have old red countertops, go art deco.  A warm collection of baskets is a nice appeal to a country old kitchen.  Ugly cabinets?  Go to your local paint store to see what paints can spruce up the cabinets, and there is even stainless steel tones for appliances now. Remove old torn stools, and get the kids stuff and cereal boxes put away.  Remember the new theme doesn't have to be to your best liking, this is just to sell, sell, sell.


House Makeovers by Adirondack Country Homes Realty

Fresh coat of paint

Experts are recommending that you choose a shade of paint the is compatible with the local environment.  Don't pick turquoise unless you live in the Caribbean.  If it's a country home, shades of slate blue and off-white work well.  Northeaster colors might try shades of gray, barn red and hunter greens.  Your daughter might like hot pink and the son in a fad time of black; but spruce up your home in shades that will appeal to the new owners.   If it's a small room, don't use dark tones, but rather light to make the room look larger.  When you have a room with many windows, take advantage of the brightness to accentuate this feature, again don't shade it with dark burgundy's; try a yellow, cream or off white.  

Accentuate the good points, and disguise the negative points.


Cleaning Tips from the Pantry

Polishing Chrome - take small sheet of aluminum foil, turn the shiniest side out,  Dampen the chrome with water and polish with the foil.  As you "polish" the chrome with the tin-foil, it'll turn black, and your chrome will shine.

Rust stains in your sink - make a thick paste of baking soda and water, leave it on for 3+ hours, then buff the sink with the paste with a damp cloth.

Furniture Polish - make a thick paste of instant coffee and a little water, rub it into the nicks and scratches of your dark wood furniture.

Filmy glass shower doors - wipe them clean with any furniture polish that has lemon oil.  If the film is heavy, use steel wood soaked in dishwasher liquid.

Small holes in your windows - instead of replacing, a little clear nail polish will seal the hole and almost make it invisible.

Cigarette burns in your carpet - cut the burned threads with scissors, and from the corner of the carpet or in inconspicuous places, cut undamaged threads and glue them in the hole.  Cover with a paper towels and a book to dry for 25 hours.

Follow our Pinterest Ideas of DIY, or Greener living style examples.  Our compliments




Going Green, isn't just installing bamboo flooring, or new windows; but rather a overall approach.   By using a 'whole system' approach, you can detect greener ways to retrofit and power your home.  A salesperson might sell you the top-of-the-line E window, but if the sills leak like a sieve, you aren't going to recognize any cost savings or any energy conservation (remember, someone had to build those windows and use more of nature's raw materials).


Assist our planet with being energy efficient (using less energy to provide the same services we enjoy) and energy conservation (reducing the consumption on nonrenewable resources and emissions) Check out our tips and tools to help you to GO Greener (click here)

Make an Impression

House makeovers and staging are a good start, but also discuss with your professional real estate agent other 'incentives' to snag the interests of those buyers.  Buyers have a lot more choices than prior years, and to make your house special (after the redo), offering programs such as:

* Home Warrantee Programs -  an inexpensive short-term insurance provided to the buyers that all internal features like furnaces, stoves, will replaced if breaks during the period.  Visit our program at:

* Bonus Incentives to the Buyer - simple incentives that your agent can advertise with the listing can be a decorating allowance, a gift certificate to a furniture store or gasoline gift certificate, paying the buyer's closing costs, or paying an amount to the buyer's moving expenses.  Discuss with your agent what might attract the buyers to your market.