Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc.


Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc.

 Serving the "Entire" Adirondack Park with offices at:

         Schroon Lake Region (Main Office):  PO 488, 1098 US Route 9, Schroon Lake, NY 12870 * 518.532.7900

         High Peaks Region/Auction Sales:  2918 US Route 9, North Hudson, NY 12855 * 518.532.9323

         Lake George:  2022 State Route 9, Lake George, NY 12845  *  518.668.2677

         North Country Region:  113 Flynn's Line Road, Burke, NY 12917  * 518.483.4538 

         Speculator Region:  Route 30, Speculator, NY 12164  *  518.569.8884  

         Washington Country Region:  4156 County Route 30, Salem, NY 12865 * 518-584-3294





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Blenders - Did you know that in 2014 there were 9,000 blender injuries?  Why?   Risk of lacerating blades to scalding hot liquid when spaced.  Beware of the innocence of a blender.


Humidifiers - Mold and bacteria love humidy.  Keep those filters clean.  Other household germ magnets are your faucet screens, stove knobs and sponges.   Zapping those sponges in the microwave for 2 minutes will kill all those nasty germs.  Soak your faucet screens in a cap of bleach to sanitize from time to time, and wash those oven knobs


Dryers - The obvious is defective dryers and heat; but also remember to clean out the lint trap after EVERY load.   Save the lint for fire starters and you'll see what we mean of quick fire starters


Lawn Mowers - cause over 80,000 injuries a year.  Remember to wear sturdy shoes and check your yard for rocks and debriy that can be thrown from the blades.  Keep young children away


Toasters - just like dryer, the heat from a detective toaster is dangerous; especially if you have crumb collection.  Keep the toasters unplugged and clean, always.   This goes for toaster ovens too!


Step Stools - those cute folk painted stools are quaint, but are an invitation for short falls that can cause back injury, knee injury and bone fractures.  So consider another purchase with a step stool with rubber tips and base that is wider than the top.   Also hang on to something while stepping up.


Bed Rails -believe it or not, they are suppose to enhance safety and do so IF installed property.  The problem is badly installed or designed bed rails can back fire.


Dishwasher Tips - keep those sharp objects like knives and forks with the end down to avoid the obvious 'pricks' and injuries.  Also, let the dishwasher cool down, and don't hurry.  Those plates stay hot longer than you think, and radiate heat. You might find you way to the cabinet with a fresh load of warm plates to be uncomfortably hot when you get the hutch.


Knives - Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp because it forces you to put more force on the cut and more likely to loose control.


Teflon before 2012 - pots and pans made before 2012 contain perfluorooctaoic acid and have found in lab animals to increase risk of cancer.    Think about switching your old pots out for stainless steel or cash iron.  Remember to wear mits!


Bug Out - Mosquitoes are obvious carriers of blood transferred diseases.   The CDC says oil of lemon eucalyptus is a natural mosquito repellant.  Dab a bit here and there in your home.   Dog tick prevention can be done naturally too.   Put a drop of rose geranium oil between your dog's shoulder blades and the top of the tail base, and a couple of drops on the collar for extra measure.   Ants, especially carpenter ants love wood.   Mix vinegar 50/50 with water and put in spray bottle.  Squirt mist where your ants are coming in and around pet bowls.  They don't like the overpowering scent.  Also they don't like whole cloves.  Instead of ant traps, make your own with a small bowl of whole cloves and place around the wet areas or floors in your kitchen. 



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