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Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc.

   Serving the "Entire" Adirondack Park with offices at:

         Schroon Lake Region (Main Office):  PO 488, 1098 US Route 9, Schroon Lake, NY 12870 * 518.532.7900

         High Peaks Region/Auction Sales:  2918 US Route 9, North Hudson, NY 12855 * 518.532.9323

         Lake Champlain Region:  25 Munsey Way, Elizabethtown NY  12932  * 518.569.8884

         Lake George:  2022 State Route 9, Lake George, NY 12845  *  518.668.2677

         North Country Region:  113 Flynn's Line Road, Burke, NY 12917  * 518.483.4538 

         Speculator Region:  Route 30, Speculator, NY 12164  *  518.569.8884  

         Washington Country Region:  4156 County Route 30, Salem, NY 12865 * 518-584-3294








Queensburg History

Believe or not, the Great Wooly Mammoth roam the region of Queensbury.  A tooth and tusk fossil have been found in Queensbury.  Also the native Indians hunted and fish leaving their tools behind.   The colonists moved inland during the 18th century.  Blind Rock became the boundary between lands of the England and the French.   The great Military Road traversed this area for use by thousands of soldiers and battles were fought here.  Chief King Hendrick and Colonel William both met their doom here. 

Following the French and Indian war (1754-1763), settlements were needed and patents were obtained to those who wished to develop this area.  Daniel Prindle of Connecticut was the first hardy Quaker pioneer here in 1763. 

Just as the town was being established the American Revolution (1775-1781) broke out and this area gain suffered the rages of war. Much of the town back then was burned to ground by the Carleton’s Raiders.  However, after the war, life returned and roads opened, lands purchased, homes built and the immigrants from New England arrived.     Farmers were self-sufficient and furnished food for the growing community and the summer population of popular Lake George.  The old military road was transformed in a Plank Road and several small hamlets emerged at its crossroads.  These hamlets offered goods, post office, church, school and a community to share news.  Social life entered around the Granges.

By the 19th century, farms were sold off as the larger commercial agribusinesses became successful.  After WWII,  housing developments dotted the landscaped and Queensbury became suburbia.  The one-room schools were closed and consolidated into central school districts.  An airport was established and Queensbury went from agrarian to suburban.    Hovey Pond Park began, golf and skiing were developed, and a community college emerge.    The town officially became a first class town in NY State on January 1, 1962.

Today, Queensbury celebrates its Adirondack Balloon Festival (started in 1973) and is prideful of its Memorial Day Parade!


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