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Below are what other's are saying about the health of our various industries in the Adirondacks.  We also invite you to visit our concierge site of the Park when you have a moment ("  Take a walk in the park with us



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  Adirondack Fact Sheet Abbreviated    
  Adirondack House Doctor   ACHR builder's concierge site
  Adirondack History   APA
  Adirondacks is the First American Vacation Destination   Smithsonian Institute
  Agriculture Act 2014 (Bill) (Summary)   House-Senate Conference Committee
  Agriculture Foreign Investment Disclosure Act (AFIDA)   ACHR
  APA News - Plan on Forest Use   Times Union
  APA Citizen's Guide   Adirondack park Agency
  Assessors Achieve Fair and Accurate Assessment   ACHR
  Auctioning - Bid for More Business
  Banks Starting to Make More Loans  
  Capital Gains Taxes   ACHR
  Contractor Concierge (   Directory of ALL our contractors


Downsizing - "How to Make Your Senior Downsize Go

as Smooth as Silk"


by Michael Longsdon

  DIY House Make Over Ideas   ACHR
  New York State Empire Development Zone Program open to all of Essex County   ACHR
  Fair Housing - What Everyone Should Know About Equal Opportunity Housing   ACHR
  FHA Appraisal - most common requirements you should know   ACHR
  Fire Towers to Be Resorted   Hurricane and St. Regis Mountain restoration
  Forest Tax Law 480A   DEC
  Go Green Ideas   ACHR
  Glossary of Real Estate Terms   ACHR
  Guide to Understanding Green Home Remodeling   By Emerson Lockwood

H.A.P.E.C. - Housing Assistance Program of Essex County offers first time home buyer's assistance

  Penny Daniels, Home Buyer Counselor
  Health of the Adirondacks 2015   Adirondack Council

Home Sweet Home


   - House Makeover Tips

     - Home Safety Tips   ACHR, Darleen March

    - House Trends

  ACHR, Darleen March

   - Types Of Natural Stones Existing

  by shiji

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Historical National Registry Info                         

  Hunting Cabins defined by APA    



Identity Theft, Tips of Avoiding

  ACHR   ACHR concierge site
  Invest Again   NAR, National Assoc. of Realtor
  Mansion Taxes   ACHR
  Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Extended    
  Q&A - DIY Answers   ACHR
  Real Estate Transfer Taxes   ACHR
  Relocation - Directory of job recruiters, movers, airports, etc   ACHR
  Septic Systems 101   Cornell Cooperative Extension
  State of the Adirondack 2014   NY State's report of the Park
  STAR - School Tax Relieve Program    
  Table to Farm - ideas   Fortune 100 Magazine Reprint
  The Basics about 1031 Exchange Programs    
  2% Cap Rate   What is this 2% Cap Rate for NY?  Explained.
  Tupper Lake Ski Resort News Update   ADK Works continues to work
  USDA Rural Development Program   ACHR
  Veteran's Savings    
  Video Collection of Adirondack Communities   ACHR
  White House Tidbits   ACHR