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Go Green!


The USA represents only 5% of the world's population; but we consume 25% of the world's energy supplies!   As you can see the facts tell us that our energy consumption needs a diet!  A little truthful humor reminds us of the yester year when we didn't know the Green Movement (click here to enjoy).  Click here for more food for thought!



     A Great Energy Team consist of:


A Certified Energy Auditor

    ► LEED Accredited Professionals  
    ► Professionals knowledgeable with LEEDS and NABH certification standards*:  









Home Inspectors


Contractors (incl. architects, carpenters, contractors for HVAC, roofing, windows, insulation specialist, tile/granite, carpet installer, landscape designer/architect)


Adirondack Green Builder, Old Chilson Hill, Ticonderoga, 518-585-7385


Other:  Solar/Wind/Geothermal contractors, mold inspectors & remediation company, lead inspector and remediation companies, radon inspector, and asbestos removal company (search


             Building or Retrofitting your purchase?  ACHR agents can help you will finding all of the above!  We even have a log & timber frame model

             home builder on our team.  Our full service Concierge Info Site also can help you discover what part of the Adirondacks is best for you.   



  • LEEDS - Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (

  • RESNET - Residential Energy Services Network (

  • HERS - Home Energy Rating System - ERS raters establishes home energy usage of cooling, lighting, heating, pumps, hot water, range, ceiling fans, refrigeration, dishwasher, Photovoltaic, dryers and miscellaneous appliances.

  • NAHB - National Association of Home Builders (

  • Energy Star Certifications - is based on energy rates from HERS (

  • USGBC - United States Green Building Council - a non-profit organization that establishes guidelines for building new homes.  They established a point system used in the LEED certification (

  • EPA - Environmental Protection Agency, created in 1934 as the goal to improve housing standards and condition, and to provide adequate home financing system through loan programs (

  • FSC - Forest Stewardship Council, a non profit organization to encourage responsible management of forest.

  • Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency - (

  • Flex our Power - energy saving tips (

  • IECC - International Energy Conservation Code designed to provide energy conservation provisions for residential and commercial buildings.

  • R-Value - measurement of thermal (heat) resistance.  A higher R-value of windows or insulation indicates a greater resistance to heat flow

  • U-Factor - Measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping.  The rate of heat loss is indicated in terms of the U-factor of a window assembly.  U-factor ratings generally fall between .20 and 1.20 with the lower conserving more energy.

  • Star Energy products - an International standard for energy efficient consumer products.

          Mortgage Resources:

    Energy Efficient Mortgages - these types of mortgages uses energy savings from a new energy efficient home to increase the home buying power of the consumer and capitalizes on the energy savings in the appraisal. 

    Energy Improvement Mortgage - finances the energy upgrades of an existing home in the mortgage loan using the monthly energy savings.

    FHA Energy Mortgage - FHA allows homebuyers to finance the cost of adding energy efficient upgrades to existing homes with restrictions.

    VA Energy Mortgage - The Department of Veterans Affairs insures energy mortgages used in conjunction with VA mortgage loans (

    Fannie Mae Energy Mortgage Program - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac allows homebuyers to borrow a % of your home's appraised value for improvements documented by a HERS rater. ( (

    Department of Energy and EPA Energy Mortgage Programs - (


Go Green!


ACHR offers help in reducing your energy costs as your Ambit Energy Consultant.

Sign up today and get started on your savings (click here). 

All it takes is 10 minutes!

Go Green!


Tax Credits:

Guide from Energy Star

Facts from IRS

Program Assistance:

Application for New Yorkers:

Weatherization Assistance

Program for New Yorkers:

National Grid's Registration:


* LEEDS certification classes include 1) Certified, 2) Bronze, 3) Gold and the highest rating of Platinum.   THE NABH certification has four levels of certification as well: 1) Certified, 2) Silver, 3) Gold and the highest is Emerald.  Energy Star ratings actually mean you are 85% efficient over today's building codes.  NOT all certifications are equal!  Adding either a LEEDS or a NAHB increases the efficient level of the home, with the Emerald and Platinum being the king of energy!