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Presented by our High Peaks Office

Presented by our High Peaks Office

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Inventory #AC0500



Deeded Lake Rights on Lake Placid

Moongate, Whiteface Inn Lake, Lake Placid NY 12948  1,936' elevation


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To access this easement, drive all the way to the end of Whiteface Inn Lane past the tennis courts and Brookhill Condos to the parking lot for the Lakeside Condos. There is a stone stairway going down to the lake along the left side of Lakeside Condos where the Club states that the owners can put in a kayak or canoe. This is to the left of the beach area and new docks they're planning to build.

The shorefront easement in the deed gives the owner free use of the beach and that whole parcel subject to reasonable rules set forth by the Club.  The Club is stating that the reasonable rule is that you have to be a member to use the beach.   The Club is conceding free use of the easement to launch a kayak/canoe and allowing beach use for the lower basic membership rate.