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AC0262 - off market

Waterfall For Sale - Hague NY

This awesome waterfall sits on .52 acre of land in the Adirondack Park and has about 250 feet of road frontage on NY State Route 8.   Hague Brook flows in under Route 8 and drops almost straight down 30 feet! This is the first 10 foot drop then it makes a sharp turn and drops another 20 feet.   It falls into this chasm which is about 8 feet wide and 50 feet long. There are a couple of grottos inside the chasm which makes it an awesome hang out spot or a great place to take a natural shower.

This beautiful 1/2 acre property is located on the corner of Route 8, in Hague, NY in the Adirondack Park and approximately one mile from Lake George. Many campers/tourists travel along Route 8, making this an ideal commercial property for a seasonal business (ice cream stand, etc.) This property would also make an excellent campsite. The waterfall has a 30 foot drop into a chasm with a great little trout pond at the bottom. Within the chasm, you could shower under the waterfall in total privacy. This property could not be used for a private residence, since APA regulations would prohibit a septic system located near the waterway. Property is roughly 250 feet along Route 8 by 100 feet deep along paved side road.

Over most of the property, there are large rock terraces with some flat areas that would make an excellent campsite. A building permit may be difficult to obtain, due to the lack of acceptable septic possibilities; however, the building inspector may be open to a composting toilet. There is also a steep area which would need to be filled to provide a suitable building area.




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